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3 Tips for Meeting Your Partner’s Kids

It’s time to meet the kids.

Meeting your partner’s kids for the first is a huge sign of trust and a sign that they see your relationship developing and growing in its level of commitment. This is wonderful, and a testimony of the respect and feelings they have for you. The reason your partner is introducing you to their kids is they think you are amazing, and they need you to know the most important part of their life; however, with this next step, there is a natural level of anxiety for both of you.

“How to Love a Single Mom,” by Rebecca Lammersen, inspired the following three tips, for both men and women, on meeting your partner’s kids.

1. Follow Their Lead

Let your partner decide when the right time is to meet their children. They know their children best, and what it is they need. It is a big step to introduce you to their world and their needs take first priority.

2. Show Up & Be Natural

“Show Up” both physically and emotionally. There is no one else you need to be other than your natural self. Be completely present in that moment, pushing any fears you have aside. Kids can sense insincerity and fear. If they are younger, kneel down to their level, listen to what they say, participate, and, very importantly, “be consistent with your presence.”

3. Don’t play ‘Mommy’ or ‘Daddy’

It is not within your role to play ‘Mommy’ or ‘Daddy.’ You are a lover and partner first, until you enter into a long-term commitment with one another. Even at that point, it will be up to your partner what they would like that relationship to look like, and one the two of you should work through together.

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