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5 Delectable Date-Night Ideas

One of the reasons why food and romance go so well together is both can be generous to our senses.

So why not have your next hot date in the kitchen? Food is arguably the most powerful aphrodisiac available and likely the way to your partner’s heart. Indulge your passions in the five ways featured below—listed in order from nice to naughty.

Bon Appétit! Five Delectable Date-Night Ideas for Foodies

1. Launch a potluck group-date with friends and neighbors. Progressive dinners offer not only a variety in foods to try but also a change of scenery for each course. You’ll be able to connect with your community and share the load of entertaining.

Invite three to five couples—preferably people who dwell within walking distance of each other (if driving, be mindful: imbibe alcoholic beverage responsibly). The home of each couple becomes a stop on the evening’s tour, each taking a turn to cook and host their course. Plan a dish that can be prepped ahead of time and served or heated easily so you can enjoy the evening with your sweetheart and friends and not worry about cleaning up too much.

2. Go locavore at the farmers market. Grab an earth-friendly grocery bag and walk through the market picking your favorite fresh, locally-grown items. What might you do with your earthy items? Plan on making a healthy soup, a savory salad, or grilling vegetables to complement your entrée. Some markets even offer clean animal proteins like grass-feed beef and fresh-caught seafood. Keep an eye out for a unique hand-crafted desserts, too!

3. Go back in time. Imagine you’re in a little house on the prairie with no electricity. Bring out the candles and enjoy that soft light and heat the from food preparation to dining. Add soft music to the mix (don’t you suppose Laura Ingalls Wilder had an iPod?) and you’re tantalizing your eyes, ears, nose, and taste buds.

4. Make a picnic of it. For a change of venue, head for the hills—or beach or knoll or park or even your backyard. Fill an ice chest or picnic basket with your favorite ingredients: wraps or a fresh baguette, salamis, pepperoncini, cheese, heirloom tomatoes, baby greens, fresh fruit, spreads, and a bottle of champagne or wine. Don’t forget the dark chocolate.

Handy packing list:

  • Plates, flatware and a tablecloth
  • Wine opener and glasses
  • Sharp knife
  • two or more blankets and pillows
  • Lantern

Have fun creating unique combinations from the delights you bring. When you’re done eating, you’re on your way to get cozy under a second blanket—yet another treat!

5. Go for sizzling. So far our suggestions have been fairly tame. Now let’s get naughtily playful.

As an example, we’ll go with Japanese cuisine:

Your dress code begins with silk robes (which you may not wear for long). You have a pitcher of warm sake and a plate of assorted sushi. You might also have sashimi, rolls, seaweed salad, ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce—make your own or carry out.

Turn up the thermostat and lay some sheets and towels on a flat-but-not-too-hard surface. He takes a sip of sake and exchanges it with her through a tender kiss. He may then remove her robe and gently lay her on her back with a pillow under her head. He decorates her body with an assortment from the menu. When he’s done, it’s her turn to eat off of him.

Each of you can gently bite and nibble away each piece of food from the human tables you’ve become. Feed each other some of the items as you go so when your hunger shifts from food to each other, you have both had plenty to eat. For a few final delights, you could shower together and then enjoy dessert.

Your senses will love these pairings!

[photo: via AMELIA SPEED on flickr]


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