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5 Self Love Rituals for All the Single Ladies

Valentine’s Day. It’s like cilantro; chances are, you either love it or hate it. Embrace your single status and try one (or all) of these self love rituals.

Every year we are inundated with articles across social media that sing the highs and lows of Valentine’s Day. While being in a relationship will by no means guarantee excitement for this February holiday, single ladies and gents tend to take the brunt of the weird, misdirected pity-party propaganda.

For those feeling especially susceptible to the “what the hell am I supposed to do” syndrome, here is a little list to celebrate the most important person in your life. You.

Love Letters to Me

I write. I write a lot. I write when I’m upset, pissed off, happy or bored. I write my heart out as often as possible and I believe I am an emotionally healthier person for it. This Valentine’s Day, instead of shooting laser-beam death stares at your mail carrier when she doesn’t deliver the love, send a little love to yourself. Sing your own praises, declare your own romantic wishes, woo your own pants off. Take it step further and drop it in the mail; when your love letter arrives, sit down with a glass of wine, some sexy music and remember who loves ya baby. It’s you!

Home is Where the Heart Is

Staying in? Don’t worry, some of us hibernate on this holiday even with a Mister or Misses to call our own. Send your house and your heart a resounding message of “I’m ready for love” by zeroing in on the energy of your home. Integrate some of our favorite Feng Shui tips to bust down the doors to love. *Extra self-love credit for adding a dance party (see next suggestion) to your Feng Shui facelift.

Shake What Your Mama Gave You

Nothing remedies the Valentine’s Day blues like a dance party. I’m a firm believer in the alchemistic properties of music, so I treat myself to impromptu dance parties on the regular. Between editing, writing and sipping coffee, I can more than enough time for bouncing, bobbing, and shim-shim-shimmying. Dancing is good for your brain—science says so. Offer yourself a break from “blah” and dance your way into happiness.

Put a Ring on It

You don’t have a special someone? Wrong. You are a special someone and there are exactly zero reasons you shouldn’t treat yourself to something special—something special that sparkles. Make an occasion of it; grab a coffee and croissant a la Breakfast at Tiffany’s and stroll into your favorite jewelry boutique to choose a ring that’s perfectly, undeniably, exquisitely youConsider it a commitment ring to your most beautiful, authentic self. Left hand? Right hand? Who cares! Rock that rock, go ahead. No one’s judging.

Date Life Detox

If you need something bigger than a jewelry fix or a solo dance party, treat yourself to some serious self love with a time out. Take a break, sister. Better yet, take a break with intention. If you’re feeling underwhelmed by the dating scene, listen to the message the universe is sending. Embrace your freedom by detaching from the dregs of date number I-can’t-even-keep-count-anymore for the rest of the month. February doesn’t have to trigger deep feelings of inadequacy. Consider, instead, your special someone isn’t ready for you yet. They’re doing amazing, soul-expanding work to prepare themselves for the best day of their life (you know… when they meet you). Instead of pressing on like a brave little soldier, decline the next few dates and just do you.



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