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Vaginal Steaming: A Love Affair

Your high school sex ed class probably failed to cover this one. No worries. We’re here for you … all of you. Here’s why Sarah Lou LOVES vaginal steaming.

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“On the 3rd date she told me she has KIDS!” with Allana Pratt

You go on the first, second, and THIRD date only to discover she has kids! And you? You’ve never wanted any. Allana Pratt has some stellar advice for you.

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How to Know You’re Not Ready for Love

We all think we’re there.. “I’m ready!” we shout to love! But sometimes, in fact, we’re not ready for love at all. Here’s how to tell.

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One Big Reason Why Relationships Fail & What We Can Do

Romances fade… even the great ones. To prevent this heartache we need to stop the problem before it starts. Here’s one huge reason why relationships fail.

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Dear Alisa: I think I’m getting in my own way of finding love

Finding love already feels like a tricky endeavor without the burden of getting in our own way. If you can relate, Alisa is back with some stellar advice.

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Romancing the Adventure: The Secret to Keeping Love Alive

Is your romance starting to fade a bit? Here’s one way to re-ignite those flames—a simple (and FUN) method for keeping love alive. It’s adventure time.

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3 Toxic Thought Patterns You Need to Break to Find Love

Stop unconsciously sabotaging your chance at love by changing the way you THINK first. To start, avoid these three toxic thought patterns at all cost.

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A New Paradigm for Making Love

What if there were ways of making love that went far beyond what most people think it is—how open would you be to exploring that possibility?

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