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A Letter From Our Founder, Amy Baglan

man using a headstand to make a conscious shift in perspectives

On the eve of our one-month anniversary I want to share a story:

A good friend of mine told me of a spiritual teacher in Boulder, CO who teaches that in Western society our fastest path to awakening and personal evolution is through romantic relationships.

The moment I heard this the light bulb went off.

In romantic relationships we are faced with a very clear and remarkably close mirror in which we see our own patterns and deepest behaviors.

Here lies a huge opportunity for growth—we now have access to things we may not have ever become aware of!

Trouble is that most of us live on auto-pilot and rather than cultivate awareness of our experience, our pride (ego) gets in the way because we don’t like what we see being reflected back. So we act out in ways to avoid that very important lesson we caught a glimpse of.

I’ll be the first to admit it: this pattern is all too familiar in my relationships.

Why do we do this? Why do we avoid the chances to face our “stuff”? Why do we allow ourselves to miss our opportunity for breakthroughs?

Suddenly dating and relationships go beyond finding our “match” and instead becomes a tool to find ourselves.

Our goal in creating MeetMindful is to help you discover these tools.

We’ll share wisdom from teachers like Robert Holden, Marianne Williamson, Arielle Ford, Rumi, Paulo Coelho, Deepak Chopra. You’ll find courses, articles, seminars and more from experts in mindful dating and relationships, each with their own unique set of wisdom to offer.

By the time our dating site launches, you’ll be more equipped than ever to connect with other MeetMindful singles in new and incredible ways.

And we’ll be right there alongside you in this journey.

Here’s to love and growth,

Amy Baglan

“In love lies the seeds of our growth.”
~ Paulo Coelho

About the Author:


Amy Baglan is on a mission to evolve the dating industry. She started MeetMindful to provide a place for singles into personal development, mindfulness, social change, meditation, yoga and green living to meet like-minded people and discover how to have the best relationship possible. Amy truly believes that romantic relationships are the quickest path to our awakening as human beings. To stay balanced, Amy thrives on her yoga practice, daily green juice, an Ayurvedic stew called kitchari, alpaca knitted accessories and lots of love.


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