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Addicted to Love: A Chemical Explanation [TED Talk]

Any one of us who has had the joy (or the torture) of experiencing love knows that it is nothing short of an addition—an addition that consumes us. Watch as this enlightening TED Talk breaks down the reasons we’re addicted to love.



For thousands of years, love has been the inspiration for songs, poems and paintings; wars have been fought and monuments have been built in love’s name. As long as humankind has been captivated by this mystical feeling, people have done wonderful and terrible things for love’s sake.

Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher has scanned the brains of various people in different stages of love to find out why it motivates us in such profound and diverse ways.

What she has found is that love is an addiction. We are chemically driven to crave it—yes, that’s right… we’re addicted to love.

You will be enamored by Fisher’s full explanation, given in this TED Talk.


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