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Breaking Down Walls to Open Your Heart

Heartache is part of the human condition; but just because you’ve experienced pain doesn’t mean you have to suffer indefinitely. Arielle Ford shows that you can once again open your heart.

It’s unfortunate that tragedy, loss, pain and suffering have to be part of the spectrum of human experience and emotion, but they are. There’s no way around it, and there’s no way to avoid unwanted occurrences and feelings for an entire lifetime. Yet, most of us are guilty of emerging from the most difficult times with a new suit of armor, ready to defend ourselves from any form of suffering that might come our way in the future.

This is natural. After experiencing heartbreak, everyone is a little more hesitant to love again, a little less likely to fall for someone so easily. Everyone has been guilty of having a chip on their shoulder at some point.

It is not unforgivable to develop reservations, but it is dangerous to let these safeguards develop into emotional walls which can lead to isolation and resentment. All of the terrible things we feel after being rejected, betrayed or treated poorly by a lover will inevitably become the calluses with which we attempt to shield ourselves from future discomfort; but that same shield will also prevent us from feeling the rest of our emotional gamut.

We must recognize when we are building these emotional walls and tear them down so we do not prevent ourselves from experiencing the best of human emotions like love, joy and passion; but sometimes we need help. We need others to encourage us out from under our umbrellas of emotional stagnancy. Sometimes we even need professionals to help us deconstruct our internal barriers.

Arielle Ford and her friend and healer, Dr. Bradley Nelson can help us in this respect. Nelson, an expert in energy medicine has helped many people remove the armor from their hearts and look forward to love again.

Learn more about opening your heart here.

[image: via Manu Magalhães on flickr]

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