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A Modern Day Love Story [Video]

When one couple’s age difference presented them with a frightening obstacle to overcome, they became even closer. This modern day love story is one for the books.

Love does not discriminate. When two people fall for each other, differences in cultural background, religious preference and social class fall by the wayside. Rich girl marries poor boy. A couple has a wedding ceremony with both Catholic and Jewish prayers and rituals. A husband and wife from different continents start a beautiful family together. Love is free of the biases that affect the rest of the world, and that is just one aspect of love that makes it so special.

Love filters out our perceived differences and allows us to see one another simply as people who share common needs, desires, strengths and weakness; but as wonderful and equalizing as love is, overcoming the challenges brought about by our differences can actually bring us closer than we could have been without such conflict. One modern couple was fortunate enough to conquer their obstacles and grow together in this love story.

New York Times – Modern Love from Freddy Arenas on Vimeo.

[image: via meknits on flickr]

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