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Why a Little White Lie is a Very Big Deal

Secrets can range from hiding bad habits to oppressing serious feelings; but for the sake of your relationship, you should never lie to the one you love.

Let’s talk lies for a moment. Every day we come face to face with opportunities to lie or tell the truth to the people we love; and let’s be honest, sometimes the lie seems like the path of least resistance … but it’s never the right choice.

Lies can protect the feelings of our significant others when we know the truth will hurt them. Lies can make us seem like someone who we are not when we’re ashamed of our actions. Lies can even prevent us from having uncomfortable conversations and answering undesirable questions; but what lies will do to a relationship, without fail, is cripple any chance that relationship has of being authentic, loving and healthy.

That’s why you should never lie to your partner. If you take the honesty and sincerity out of a bond, you take away that union’s ability to flourish and evolve. You take away any possibility that two people might have of understanding each other, learning from each other and growing together.

A recent Huffington Post article highlights the 12 most surprising statements that were written in response to an Ask Reddit thread, which encouraged people to share what they were hiding from their significant others. In essence, these lies are omissions of truth rather than alterations of it, so the article refers to them as secrets.

As you read, you’ll notice that some of them are downright silly. With a bit of courage the issue might be addressed and moved past by two reasonable people in love. Some “secrets” are just manifestations of insecurity that can be overcome. Others, however, are hiding things that should be addressed in a healthy relationship, and they will have to be for these partnerships to have any chance of survival.

To read these 12 surprising secrets, click here.

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