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Vulnerability is Sexy! with Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt

We’re excited to introduce Allana Pratt. Allana is here to take our knowledge of conscious relationships to the next level. Today we talk vulnerability.

Hello, new community of delicious conscious people!

I’m Allana Pratt, Intimacy Expert, here to contribute to you all I know about sacred sexuality, deep intimate connection, masculine badass nobility and feminine luscious radiance.

I’m also a single mum, so I’m also here to give you real life tips and tools on dating as a single conscious parent, and I’d love to hear about any challenges you have so that I can gear my videos to providing the results you’re looking for in dating and in life!

This video talks about vulnerability and how I believe it’s really sexy. We are turned on by those courageous enough to be real, those honest enough to share their true feelings, those inspiring enough to focus not on what others thing, instead on what lights them up, turns them, makes them feel alive.

I share about the biggest blocks to being vulnerable and a few tips on how to be discerning on who you are vulnerable with. Most of all I want you to know that you are amazing exactly as you are, a gift beyond measure and that when you are able to be at peace with your unique perfectly unperfect nature, be in luscious allowance of yourself, then you create an irresistible space for others to show up in their authentic nature… and you attract a brilliantly compatible partner with more ease.

I invite you to connect with me each week for on Intimate Conversations, my free Live radio show where we dive into topics around intimacy, body image, sacred sex and conscious relationships. Sign up today so you not only don’t miss this weeks show, yet have access to hundreds of archived shows with guests such as Dr. Dain Heer, Gay Hendricks, Alanis Morissette, Colette Baron Reid, Jaiya and more.

Also comment on this video and ask your questions so that I can respond to YOU next time! You can also can email me a question at [email protected] with “MEETMINDFUL” in the subject line.

What is the biggest challenge you’re having right now in relationships, intimacy and love?
If you could change anything, what would it be?
If you could have anything, what would that be?

I soooo look forward to hearing from you. Know you are exquisite and adored exactly as you are, promise.

Great love, deliciously,

Allana xoox

About the Author:

Allana Pratt

Featured on CBS, TLC, FOX, coach to celebrities, a cum laude graduate of Columbia, Allana’s a single mom who battled an internal war of body shame and sexual guilt that destroyed her confidence, joy and softness. Now, author of three books, she pole dances for pleasure, and knows ‘When mama’s happy, everybody’s happy!’ She inspires women to embrace their sacred erotic nature to attract all the love and attention they choose and heals men’s emasculated hearts, cures their ‘nice guy’ and awakens their noble badass honoring of women.Thousands flock to her sexy empowering show Intimate Conversations LIVE. She’s here to end sexual violence on the planet, have stupid amounts of joy as a mother, ooze sensuality and inspire reverence for our exquisite sexual nature.


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