“Should I have to check in every time I leave home?” with Allana Pratt

There’s healthy communication and there are control issues. Allana Pratt helps one woman determine whether or not she should have to check in with her beau.

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“My girlfriend wants out of the relationship” with Allana Pratt

You begin to notice some patterns in your romance, realizing your partner may want out of the relationship. What to do? Listen to Allana Pratt, of course.

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I’m 51 and have never had a date. Is it too late for love?

Imagine you’ve journeyed through 51 years of your life. Now imagine you’ve done it without a single date. Is it too late for love? Allana Pratt weighs in.

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“How do I deal with dating a taker? He takes, takes, takes…”

If your relationship is out of balance and you’re giving far more than you’re receiving, you may be dating a taker. Lucky you, Allana knows just want to do.

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When You Date Someone Who Is Negative

When you imagine your dream partner, someone who is negative probably doesn’t come to mind. So how do you handle this situation? Allana’s back to dish.

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Why aren’t women sympathetic about erectile dysfunction?

For men with erectile dysfunction, intimacy can feel so vulnerable. Allana Pratt challenges us to stop pointing fingers, though, and start searching within.

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Should we live together before we get hitched?

While traditionalists may adhere to the rule of separate homes until marriage, a more modern approach promotes the opposite. Should you live together first?

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