4 Ways to Feel More Connected this Holiday Season

It might take some practice to find what will prevent feelings of loneliness and make you feel truly connected, but surrounding yourself with strong community is worth the effort. If there’s ever a time when we want to feel connected, it is undoubtedly during the winter holiday season, when every commercial shows off big joyous […]

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Maintaining a Sense of Community in the Modern World

Without strong relationships to remind us that we’re humans who need a sense of community, our digital-age addictions take over. Statistically speaking, socially healthy people live longer, stronger lives than those with little or no sense of community. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that loneliness (the fear of being left out physically, intellectually, […]

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How to Find Love: What You Want Should Determine How You Date

Though we can change how we meet people, dating isn’t going anywhere. If you’re wondering how to find love, learn how to become your own matchmaker. The world is more interconnected today than it’s ever been before. You feel like you have access to millions of people who aren’t the one for you because, well, […]

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How to Make Friends at Work & Form Strong Coworker Relationships

You may be tempted to put your head down, do your work, and head home without ever connecting, but if you can form good relationships at work, you’ll be happier and healthier. Should I Make Friends at Work? YES! The common adage that your coworkers are not your friends draws a hard line around a […]

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Creating Meaningful Connections for Healthy Relationships

Beyond the simple fact that meaningful connections make us feel good, they boosts our overall health and wellbeing. But how is a meaningful connection defined and how can we create more of them? Defining “Meaningful Connection” Without deep social ties, it’s easy to become dispirited, uninspired, and unempathetic — we’re communal-by-nature creatures who deteriorate mentally, […]

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How to Bring Back Romance in a Relationship

Man giving a bouquet of flowers to his partner.

With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, use these tips to bring back the romance into your relationship. All you need is some quality time and a love note or two! Has your relationship left the honeymoon phase? Do you feel less connected to your partner? Are you feeling like you need to hit the “Reset” […]

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Uncover Your Missing Link & Reinvent Your Love Story

woman uncovers her missing link and finds happiness in love

Trauma can reshape our love lives in dramatic ways, but there’s hope in the pain. Uncover your own “missing link” and watch the transformation unfold.

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How Practicing Mindfulness Can Help You Through Divorce

A separation or divorce can do a number on your inner sense of well being, but there’s help. Find the way back to you by keeping mindfulness in your heart.

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Using Conscious Connection to Strengthen a Relationship

With a little self-empowerment, our relationships can thrive in spite of this distracted digital age. Learn all about the magic of conscious connection.

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4 Ways to Build Connection During the Holiday Season

Happy Holidays! Before you head out the door to yet another festive soiree, why not create a plan to maximize this season’s potential to build connection?

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Kundalini Kriyas for Holiday-Feast Recovery

Holidays are a time to connect, reflect, and indulge.. a least a bit. Kundalini Yoga can help you detoxify, cleanse, and restore balance in the body.

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