How a Meditation Practice Fosters Deeper Dating

A good relationship starts with a deep bond. Here’s how a meditation practice could be the missing link between you and the emotional connection you desire.

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How to Let Go of the Relationship

Saying goodbye is step one, but to heal from the pain, you have to let go of the relationship for good. Don’t worry, we’re with you every step of the way.

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5 Ways Yoga Can Helps Us Feel Connected to Life

Yoga is a holistic tool that allows us to feel connected to the physical and spiritual aspects of the being. Here are five ways that connection manifests.

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8 Ways to Reconnect with the Very Best You

To live your best life, you must reconnect with the very best you—the one who can navigate stress and prioritize self-care. Here are eight ways to start.

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5 Key Research-Driven Predictors of Divorce

Have the “Four Horsemen” disrupted your martial bliss? If you have concerns about where your relationship’s headed, check out these key predictors of divorce.

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Never Say “I Love You” Again

Can you communicate love without speaking? Take cues from this adoring couple—who happen to be both deaf and mute—on how to say “I love you” without a word.

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Effortless Ways to Communicate Appreciation to Your Person

a young couple bows to each other to communicate appreciation for their love

Relationships take effort, but here are simple ways to make the “work” feel pretty uncomplicated. For starters? Communicate appreciation whenever you can.

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