Ken Page’s Intimacy Micro-Meditation: Softening Your Heart to Love

We hope you’ve been enjoying Ken Page’s sessions as much as we have. This week’s micro-meditation is another gem… it’s time to soften our hearts to love.

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Ken Page’s Intimacy Micro-Meditation: Valentine’s Day

MeetMindful Expert Ken Page returns with a special little something in honor of Valentine’s Day. Get back to the best you with this new micro-meditation.

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Ken Page’s Intimacy Micro-Meditation: Wind Beneath Your Wings

Ken Page returns with the second installment of his micro-meditation series. Proceed with an open mind and open heart to watch the magic unfold.

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Ken Page’s Intimacy Micro-Meditation: The Most Powerful Question of All

We’d like to introduce you to your new favorite tool for finding healthy love: the micro-meditation. Here, Ken Page provides the first of many. Enjoy.

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Our Deepest Gifts as Revealed by Our Greatest Insecurities

Sometimes we just need a little perspective. Ken Page helps us reframe some of our greatest insecurities as attributes worth embracing.

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3 Steps to Identifying Your “Attractions of Deprivation”

Why do we engage in unhealthy dating patterns? They’re called “attractions of deprivation” and, according to Ken Page, we have the ability to conquer them.

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When “Loving Yourself First” Doesn’t Work

It may sound unconventional, but loving yourself can—and probably should—begin with others. Yes, really! It all starts with “relationships of inspiration.”

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