5 Awkward Things Singles Hear at the Thanksgiving Table

Being single must be fascinating to your family. Kyriel Manzo explores why it’s the only explanation for their intrusive comments at the Thanksgiving table.

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5 Ways to Kill the Mood on a First Date: Men’s Edition

Men and women both have absolute deal breakers and little annoyances that can/will destroy a first date. This one’s for the boys… so pay attention, fellas!

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The Evolved Man Exists: Are You Ready for Him?

Blogger Mark Groves surprises anyone claiming to be on the hunt for “the perfect guy” by explaining why an evolved man may not be interested in you…yet.

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Vata, Pitta, or Kapha? Take This Dosha Quiz & Find Out!

Stop taking quizzes about which Disney princess is your spirit animal, and take the dosha quiz. If you’re into the idea of achieving inner balance, that is.

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