A Modern Day Love Story [Video]

When one couple’s age difference presented them with a frightening obstacle to overcome, they became even closer. This modern day love story is one for the books.

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A Surprising Benefit of Marriage

Saying “I do” has always been about your heart, but one of the benefits of marriage might be keeping your heart ticking longer.

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How to Navigate the Hook Up Culture

Intimacy can happen quickly these days, and people who hook up are finding that their biggest challenge becomes clearly defining their relationship.

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Tinder, Fat Suits & Hidden Cameras: The Ugly Truth

Simple Pickup uses two videos to highlight the difference between men and women on Tinder. Spoiler Alert: Fat suits + women on dates = no second date. Yikes!

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How to Raise a Mindful Child [infographic]

Raising a child is a challenge, but raising a mindful child can take more effort in this crazy world. Check out this infographic for a little extra help.

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Mindful Therapy & the “Evil Twin of Enlightenment”

While exploring mindful therapy, be equipped to run into enlightenment’s evil twin. Learn to protect yourself from the dark side of meditation.

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No More Bad Dates [TEDx talk]

No more bad dates? Sounds like a best-case scenario to us.

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Relationship PSA: Keep Your PDA Off of Facebook

Being a happy couple is wonderful, but displaying it loudly on Facebook might turn people off. To keep your friend list in tact, you might want to avoid PDA.

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