What a Kiss Says About You

We’d all agree that kissing is incredible; but when you consider what a kiss says about you, you’ll realize it’s about much more than feeling great.

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How to Meet CrossFit Companions

A CrossFit lifestyle is not for everyone. Fortunately, there are organizations that help like-minded people meet and build healthy relationships that last.

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How to Dress for Soulmate Success

Soulmate success might happen at any moment. The universe is unpredictable, so always be prepared to meet that special someone. Look and feel your best.

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Why Bookworms Make Great Companions

Start looking for sexy bookworms! According to recent studies, readers are the best people to fall in love with. Don’t believe us? Read on.

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Your Brain on Love [infographic]

Your chemical romance is real, folks. Hormones and emotional responses are specifically associated with your brain on love.

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Romantic Chemistry: When to Trust Impulses & When to Trust Logic

For the maturing single crowd, learning to balance the mind and the yearning body is a challenge we must all face. Learn what to trust when the goal is romantic chemistry.

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Solving the Love Algorithm [TED Talk]

Amy Webb likes numbers. She also likes men. Here’s what happens when an expert data analyst sets her sights on a love algorithm.

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How to Tell if You Have the Green Light to Date Again

Recovery from heartbreak has many stages, and recognizing which one you’re in will help you decide if you’re ready to date again.

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