Sex, Lies & Menopause

When your partner uses menopause as an the reason for her diminished sexual desire, consider it a wake up call to something worth discussing.

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A New Paradigm for Making Love

What if there were ways of making love that went far beyond what most people think it is—how open would you be to exploring that possibility?

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The Secret to Achieving Instant Personal Magnetism

Contrary to what you might believe, personal magnetism has nothing to do with how you look or act. No, it’s all about how you “show up” in this world.

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The One Thing That Keeps Most People From the Life They Want

As it turns out, there’s ONE thing that keeps people from the life they want. And (good news) overcoming it is completely within your control.

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How to End Drama in Your Relationship

Most couples accept turmoil as part of the package; why not eliminate it, instead? Michael Russer shows us how to end drama (assuming you actually want to).

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The Power of Uncertainty

We can’t escape it, so we may as well learn to embrace it. The power of uncertainty may leave us surprised by unexpected, opened possibilities.

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Why Women Fake It & Men Pretend They Don’t

There’s a funny charade going on between some men and women that simply needs to stop. If you wonder (or worry) why women fake it, read on. This is for you.

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How to Find “The One” & Never Settle For Less

The perfect mate won’t fall into our lap, sometimes we have to do the groundwork. But with a little effort, you’ll never settle for less than “The One.”

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