A New Year’s Un-Resolution

Rachel Weinstein resolves to make a new kind of New Year’s resolution…a New Year’s un-resolution. In 2015, be kind to yourself and express self gratitude.

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Breaking Habitual Thought Patterns for Relationship Harmony

After being with a partner for so long, we learn their behaviors; likewise, we develop our own. Rachel Weinstein investigates habitual thought patterns (and how to break the unhealthy ones).

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Open Communication: Fostering Growth in a Relationship

When fostering growth in a relationship, one of the most essential skills to have in your tool kit is the ability to openly communicate—this means expressing yourself and staying present with what is being expressed by your partner.

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How the Media Impacts Our Love Lives

Sure, Brad and Angie seem have a picture-perfect life together. But how much of this is accurate and how much is inflated? Get wise to how the media impacts our love lives—your relationship will thank you.

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The Connection Between Meditation & Sex

Meditation can impact every area of our lives in a positive way. Learn how this practice can foster a more exciting, connected, and healthy sex life.

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Fidelity 101: A Crash Course in Making Love Last

While it is no secret that a happy, long-lasting marriage takes work, many couples are surprised at how much work. Expert Rachel Weinstein offers us some invaluable advice on keeping love alive through fidelity.

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