Vaginal Steaming: A Love Affair

Your high school sex ed class probably failed to cover this one. No worries. We’re here for you … all of you. Here’s why Sarah Lou LOVES vaginal steaming.

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Grateful for the Pain

woman feeling grateful for all life has given her

When we consider gratitude, we often focus on the positive pieces of our multifaceted lives. Sarah Lou shows us why we should be grateful for the pain, too.

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Harmonizing with the Body Through Vagus Nerve Toning

man tones his vagus nerve by taking a morning swin

More of us than not are out of sync with our bodies and emotions—it’s time to unlock the mysteries of the vagus nerve and make nice with your reptilian brain.

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How can I trust my emotions (without my brain chemicals duping me)?

Somehow, emotions got a bad rap for being untrustworthy and we’re here to clear the air. Ever wonder “how can I trust my emotions?” This one’s for you.

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The Birds & The Bees: Understanding the Female Pelvic Floor

We think the female pelvic floor has borderline mystical properties. Get the lowdown on everything women need to know to feel empowered, sexy, and healthy!

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How to Support Your Libido Naturally

Myths and misinformation form most beliefs about the female sex drive. Sarah Lou discusses the current findings and how to support your libido naturally.

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OJAS: The Ayurvedic Self Love Potion

Ojas is one of the three vital essences aiding our overall health—and Sarah Lou is here to tell us all about it. Begin to thrive with this self love potion.

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How Yoga Will Make You a Better Rock Climber

Sarah Lou praises the benefits of Yoga, and how stretching and breathing can greatly improve your success as a new rock climber. Our advice: hold on tight!

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Using Ayurvedic Yoga Tips for Radiance

No two bodies are the same, so every body needs an exercise routine that’s tailored to its unique needs. Unleash your radiance by exercising for your dosha.

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