An Open Letter to the Woman I Want

When things don’t go quite the way we’d hoped, or we struggle with articulating the words… an open letter helps. This one’s dedicated to her.

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What Being Emotionally Unavailable Means (& Why Men Do it)

Being emotionally unavailable, while more common with men, can affect us all. Take charge of this issue and open the door to more magical relationships.

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7 Things that Influence a Man’s Sex Life

Believe it or not, a man’s sex life can be just as delicate as his female counterpart’s. Learn what that sidekick needs, he’ll love you for it.

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An Open Letter to the Guy Who Helped Me Move On

We never know how any one person will impact our lives, but some transform us far more than others. So, to the guy who helped me move on: thank you.

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3 Ways Relationship with Self Helps Score a Great Partner

The relationship with self can be complicated. Allana Pratt is here to share three ways healthy self image can help you land the guy or girl of your dreams.

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Why Your Ex Shouldn’t Be Your Next

Once the sting of post-breakup blues set in it’s tempting to get back together with your ex. But there’s a reason why you need to take the time to be alone.

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Why I’m Afraid of Love

For those of us who’ve known love, it can seem curious that anyone would ever recoil from its magic. Cabot O’Callaghan reflects on why he’s afraid of love.

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She’s Had 13 Lovers!! Should I Even Date Her?

You’re a little (a lot) surprised by the number of lovers she’s had. What’s more, now you don’t know if you should date her. Allana Pratt to the rescue.

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