The “How Did You Meet?” Story & Online Dating

Stephen Michell of the Good Men Project wonders if the importance of a great “how did you meet?” story is changing with the popularity of online dating.

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Ready for a Relationship? Answer 4 Questions to Find Out

It isn’t easy to be objective with matters of the heart, but Myke Macapinlac says you can tell if you’re ready for a relationship with via simple questions.

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5 Messaging Mistakes Men Need to Stop Making

While technology evolved quickly, our ability to use it effectively is often lacking. Patrick King dishes out five messaging mistakes that must be stopped.

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How to Plan a Date She Can’t Wait to Tell Her Friends About

If The Bachelor taught us anything, it taught us that exciting dates get blood (and libidos) moving. Patrick King says we can recreate that in real life.

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Better Sex in 7 Steps: Exploring Sexuality With Your Partner

Jordan Gray says a little planning and communication will pay dividends in helping your sex life thrive. Exploring sexuality just got streamlined.

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7 Things Any Man Can Learn from Fifty Shades of Grey

Pick up a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey and start taking notes. Jordan Gray says that there are seven things that men can learn from Christian Grey.

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The Breakup: How to Get Up, Get Over & Get On With It

How do you get over the worst breakup of your life? The Good Men Project’s James Rigdon has been there and he’s here to share a tip or two.

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