5 Things You MUST Do If Your Partner Has Depression

The literature on what to do (or what NOT to do) can feel a little cloudy. Here’s how to be supportive AND be supported if your partner has depression.

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The Most Meaningful Compliment You Can Give Your Person

“Pretty,” “smart,” and “funny” are well and good, but what’s the most meaning compliment you can give? One man reflects on what his partner means to him.

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Wait for the One Who Falls for Your Scars (Not Your Smile)

It’s easy to fall for a smile, but sometimes it’s the darkest pieces that help love withstand the test of time. Wait for the one who falls for your scars.

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Transform Your Sex Life with Just One Thing

There’s one surprising element missing from too-many relationships. This is the same element that has the ability to transform your sex life. Curious?

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They’re Not That into You: 7 Warning Signs

When your heart hopes a romance will work, we can deceive ourselves into ignoring warning signs. These seven red flags mean it’s probably best to walk away.

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“Just Kiss!” (& More Advice from a Pair of Old Lovebirds)

Relationship wisdom comes in all shapes and sizes, but we’re putting our money on this couple. Check out this romantic advice from a pair of old lovebirds.

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10 Ways to Spot a Narcissistic Man on a First Date

When we envision a perfect-man-to-be, “narcissistic man” rarely makes the must-have list. Get aquatinted with the warning signs before you’re in too deep.

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