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Coming Out as Spiritual

We’ve been inspired by coming out stories, but this one explores an often unacknowledged kind of courage. How does it feel to come out as “spiritual” today?

—This article was originally published by our friends at elephant journal; we’re republishing (with permission!) because we love it… and them. Enjoy.— 

Going to the Buddhist Centre for the first time can often be a decision that does not arrive with ease.

A respected member of the society, with the status you have earned, with all the fun you have, and the money you make, a sudden need to sit down and meditate (or pray) obviously indicates that something is WRONG with you. Your family will be concerned, your friends will say “whaaaaat?” and you will be left totally confused.

Do you not know what you should do next? Go back to the Buddhist Centre and meditate some more. Hah!

I am no Zen Master, nor am in any other way certified to tell you what to do, but let me share the experience of a single day that took me to the best of me. The day I decided that I was, and wanted to be—spiritual. Why? Just because some people are spiritual, and some are non-spiritual, as in smoker/ non-smoker, heterosexual/ gay, omnivore/ vegan. It simply is a choice, based on how you experience the world, and how you want to relate to it.

The very first meditation session took me—an art school graduate, working on 25 (approximately) projects at a time, being in a relationship, with free entrances to gigs, with famous friends and party invitations—to the place I was trying to get to through all my projects, friends, gigs, parties and relationships. A single meditation session immediately did it for me.

Just like this, boom.

The practice would soon start making such a difference to my life that I felt keeping it solely to myself wouldn’t be fair. It felt like a great gift that must be shared, but… how? All these people—they will have all these wrong ideas, prejudices, they will get it all wrong, think you are silly, suggest a psychotherapy…


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olya_samadhiOlya Samadhi is a contributor to elephant journal. She is a performance artist, activist, blogger, yoga teacher, aspiring Bodhisattva. Presently practicing in London. Finding peace in bringing people together, committing positive together-actions, drinking tea and birthing new ideas that will possibly save the world.


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