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Date Ideas for Fitness Forward Couples

If the idea of another movie night makes you and your honey cringe, Natasha Miles has just the fix. Check out these date ideas for fitness forward couples.

Here is the problem: you want to plan an awesome date, but restaurants are over done, there aren’t any good movies out and frankly you both love to be active and sitting still irks you to no end. You are not alone!

So what do you do, where can you go? I think these date ideas will be just what you need and will keep you talking for years to come. Some of them may not be your speed, but they will at least pique your interest. Who knows, you may turn the date into a regular activity! OK, let’s get to it!

1.) Naked Yoga

Now this may not be your speed, but don’t knock it until you try it! Yoga is a great way to stay in shape and provides awesome benefits, so why not share the fun and take it to a new level? Studies show that many couples only see each other naked when getting in and out of the shower. So take some time out to appreciate what you have, and let your partner appreciate it too. Classes are only offered in locations that have special licenses and with certified instructors. However, if you’re a bit shy, find a yoga DVD and strip down at home! With a great bottle of wine, who knows how exciting the night could get?

2.) Cooking Class

This is a great way to learn something new together. It’s not a physically demanding activity, but what we put into our bodies plays a huge role in how fit we are. Although you are in a class, this is a very romantic activity to participate in. There are many places that offer classes, and they are all different. Some classes focus on a particular angle, like sweets or Mediterranean-style cooking. Find what you like and go for it, or try something new! Cooking is a great way to spark up your night, and there is food involved!

3.) Dancing

Now, we all remember the scenes from Dirty Dancing that made us want to jump across the room and pray our partner didn’t miss. Well, now you have the perfect excuse to try it! There are literally so many different styles of dancing, you could try a new one each week for a year. Here’s a hint for the fellas, find out more about her heritage and take a class related to her family history. She will love you for it, and it shows how interested you are in her.

The best thing about doing a dance class is that you don’t have to be good at it. Your partner will appreciate the fact that you are being vulnerable and that you are comfortable letting them see your lack of rhythm. See what classes are available in your area and what types of lessons are offered. Some classes are for groups but you can also have private lessons. So get on track and set a date!

4.) Bowling

For those of you who are competitive in nature, bowling is a great date activity. Plus it allows for a little close contact if you need to demonstrate the form and how to follow through. Bowling can be a great way to see just how competitive your partner can be. Don’t let it get out of hand, but a little can be fun! Many places have deals where you can get free games, or offer discounts for groups, so you could make it a guys against girls night to really get the blood pumping.

5.) Stand Up Paddle Boarding

This activity may seem a bit out there with the Naked Yoga, but I promise you, it will be a blast and an awesome workout. If you love the sun, but don’t necessarily love the waves, this is for you. No technology, no traffic, no walls, just you and your beach babe trying not to laugh at each other while you keep your balance. You don’t get wet unless you decide to, and you don’t have to hand ten or fight massive waves to do it.

6.) Hiking/Camping

Say what you want, but I think this may be the most romantic idea. I’m not super outdoorsy, I don’t think I could sleep under the stars without a tent, and I don’t like nature too close to me; however, this date has it all. You can pack up the tent and an awesome meal (one you learned to cook in that cooking class I told you about) and go walking, biking, jogging or whatever you’re into. When you’re done you can eat with the beautiful backdrop of nature and end with a wonderful night under the stars, snuggled up close together. It sounds sappy, I know, but it makes for an amazing date.

7.) Skating

Since I believe laughing is great for everyone—and if you laugh hard enough, that’s a workout—skating is my next idea. Really, sit back and think about how long its been since you went skating. It could be ice skating or skating with those huge brown uncomfortable skates from the local rink. Its been a long time, right? Well, here’s your chance to workout your giggle box and your body. Skating can be a great cardio activity, as well as a team building activity, because if you’re like me… help will be required. This activity will bring the youth out in your partner; and when you’re done, you have a hilarious story to tell (or keep between the two of you).

The biggest thing to remember when planning a date is to keep the person in mind that you are planning for and have fun! Be creative, set up an obstacle course in the back yard, or go on that rock climbing trip you’ve been thinking about. It’s time to build memories that will last, and a great active date night is just the way to do it. So dive in and see what you come up with!

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About the Author:

Natasha Miles

Natasha Miles is an ACSM certified personal trainer who graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a degree in Exercise Science. She has been happily in love with her husband for 10 crazy, amazing, good and not-so-good years. They have three beautiful daughters. Natasha started her fitness business, Transformazing Fitness, in order to reach people where they are and help them reach their goals physically and spiritually. She follows the motto "Change your mindset, change your life." Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as her website.


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