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Dates for the Non-Skier/Non-Snowboarder Couple

Krystal Baugher (a self diagnosed non-skier/non-snowboarder) gives a few Colorado date ideas for all the folks that don’t identify as riders and sliders.

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one living in Colorado that doesn’t ski. When friends say they’re going up to the mountain for the weekend I often cringe. A part of me thinks it’s great they have a sporty-like activity they love to do, but it also means that they can’t go out the night before and when they get back they’ll be too tired to do anything adventurous that might be happening off the mountain.

If you’re like me and you prefers not to strap giant wooden sticks to your feet while flailing down a slick, steep decline, here are some date ideas for off-mountain fun.

Get Hot, Hot, Hot

Find fireplaces and tasty warm beverages. There are tons of bars (at least in Colorado) that have well lit blazing contained fires either indoors or outdoors, which totally steps up the scene. Plus all those toasty drinks from mulled wine and hot toddies to Irish coffee or glogg, there are interesting drinking concoctions out there for everyone’s taste buds. Combine the two and it’s a simple, elegant, and snuggly event.

Go Outdoors, Stay on Flat (ish) Land

Maybe you don’t mind being outside, but you just don’t want to invest all that time and money going up a mountain only to come quickly back down it. There are plenty of other snow-ridden activities to try, like: sledding, snowball fights, making snow angels or snow people, ice-skating, or just walking through a park and taking in the winter beauty.

Explore Indoors

Maybe it’s just too cold outside to risk an attempt of leaving the warmth of the home, if that’s the case there’s plenty for people to do inside. Playing board games or putting together a jig-saw puzzle can help keep the cabin fever at bay.

Do the Marathon March

Pick a theme, pick a franchise, pick an actor or actress, pick a tv show neither of you have seen, and watch as much of it as humanly possible. Though those cliffhangers can lead to addiction don’t forget to eat and maybe take a couple of make-out breaks.

Let Your Inner Artist Shine

We often get our entertainment from other people’s creativity, but why not DIY? Get together and write your own movie, or tv show; paint pictures, maybe sketch portraits of each other or write cute haikus and have a mini-poetry reading (if you happen to have a black turtle neck and beret, all the better).

Build a Fort

Nostalgic yes, team-building yes, fun, yes, romantic, yes, yes, yes.

Get Lit

I’m not talking about smoking it up, though I suppose plenty of dates have started or ended that way. I’m talking about sharing your favorite books. Read each other chapters then discuss the brilliance (or lack there of) of the words coming out of your mouth (that were written first by someone else).

Put Your Chef Hats On

Cooking together is always a treat. Have theme nights or have your own “Chopped”-like competitions to make it more interesting. If you happen to be one of those super type A people, go ahead and cook everything, but let your partner pick up dessert.

Master the Art of Massage

Winter is the perfect time to hone in on this very important skill. Pick up a high-quality good-smelling oil. Maybe even find a how-to tutorial if you feel a lack of confidence and get to work, working out each other.

Play Fancy Pants Dress Up

Pick a super elitist activity like going to the opera or theater, or pick something quite the opposite like indoor mini-golf, but whatever your plans make sure you wear your most formal clothing. pick out boutonnieres and corsages as if what you’re doing is a big deal—act like you’re rich all night long.

Bang the Day Away

This could be one of those fantasies only acted out in movies and romance novels, but spending the entire day in bed with your lover exploring each other’s bodies in between eating sandwiches sounds like a really good way to enjoy time off.

Winter can be cold, dark, and last way too long, wrapping limbs around another is one of the best ways to turn up the heat. The season lends an  excuse to crawl into bed early or stay there all day while going on new (sex) adventures.

Get Bubbly

Turn on the hot water in your tub, throw in some bubble bath, light a couple of candles and break out the champagne. Talk about romantic. Unless of course you have a tiny bathtub, then well, maybe just keep the bubbles to the glass and stay warm under the covers instead.

Whatever the two of you end up planning, there are plenty of hot and heavy activities to get you through the winter without ever having to hit the slopes–and that’s a beautiful thing to everyone who’s not near or nearly interested in those mountain activities.


[image: via Greg Younger on flickr]

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Krystal Baugher

Krystal Baugherlives in Denver, Colorado. She is the founder of Go Eat a Carrot, a website dedicated to exploring the worlds of pleasure and politics. Find her on Instagram to stay up to date with all of her shenanigans.