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Mindful Dating Coaches: Mark Manson

The Quintessential Man's Man

with Mark Manson

Based on decades of research and real-world experience, Mark has been helping men attract women with authentic behavior. In his book, Models he shows how to be an attractive man based not on tricks or games, but on self-development. Mark's Dating & Relationship Course can help you hone in on a little known secret to meet, attract, and maintain healthy and happy romantic/sexual relationships. Looking to reinvigorate your overall social interactions? His Connection Course will teach you to turn boring small talk into exciting and meaningful conversations, standing in front of that one person you desperately want to impress.

from those who read Models:

"When I discovered Mark Manson's content, I was amazed by how he had managed to make something that traditionally has been really sleazy have so much class: a blog on dating and seduction. His content is stellar."
- Srini Rao, Host & Founder of the Unmistakable Creative

"Models is chock full of golden nuggets and quite different than anything that I've read/heard/watched in the pick-up scene. I would recommend Models for those of you that are struggling with women and dating. The book is a breath of fresh air after having been through so much crap in this industry."
- Anonymous

Mindful Dating Coaches: Arielle Ford

The Soulmate Manifestor

with Arielle Ford

It's never too late to find your Soulmate. They're out there in this moment, wondering when they'll meet you. Based on Arielle's best-selling book which helped thousands manifest "The One," her Soulmate Secret course will show you how to get clear on what you truly desire, eliminate love-blocking clutter, and apply unique manifestation techniques to not only manifest a partner, but to attract exactly the person who was meant for you, and you for them.

from those who learned The Soulmate Secret:

"I finally waved goodbye to the old and committed to being proactive. It only took two months of dating to meet the ‘one'. He proposed on Valentine's Day and we are now engaged!"
- Kris

"Maybe a month or two later, an amazing man walked into my life. I was at my gym, looked up and found the most beautiful blue eyes looking at me. His playfulness makes me feel alive like nothing else. Arielle, you rock! My life has changed!"
- Dee

Mindful Dating Coaches: Allana Pratt

The Intimacy Expert

with Allana Pratt

Also known as MeetMindful's resident Intimacy Expert, Allana is a potent force to be reckoned with. Her weekly radio show, Intimate Conversations LIVE attracts thousands across the world. She's best known for How To Be And Stay Sexy, an e-book for women, and Get Her To Say Yes for men. For those looking for some serious transformation, Allana thrives in personal coaching, healing men's emasculated hearts, curing them of the nice guy, and igniting the KING in every man.

from those who know Allana Pratt

“Allana is a ROCK STAR. I had my intensive and it was out of this world. She is one amazing woman and I am a changed man!”
- James

“Allana is an extraordinary coach who has the deep sensitivity of someone who lives what she teaches. Every conversation opens something up for me at a deeper level of authentic expression. I love who I am because of her support!”
- Maria

Mindful Dating Coaches: The Conscious Cleanse

The Natural Health Gurus

with The Conscious Cleanse

Do you want more energy, relief from aches, pains and other ailments, a lean body and a healthy glow? The Conscious Cleanse is a step-by-step, 14-day journey that will teach you how to detoxify your body, ignite a process of deep healing, discover which foods makes you feel best, and create a sustainable way of eating that will support you on your journey to vibrant health and longevity. Feel great. Look great. Attract what you want.

from those who took The Conscious Cleanse

"I was surprised at how quickly my body was adapting to the cleanse. I was also surprised that the things I dreaded were nothing to dread."
- Max

"Eating the Conscious Cleanse way naturally put my body into a really healthy rhythm. I was going to bed earlier, sleeping soundly, and waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day."
- Courtney

Mindful Dating Coaches: The 'Men are from Mars' Guy - Dr. John Gray

The "Men are from Mars" Guy

with Dr. John Gray

You know him. We love him. After more than 40 years of working with millions of individuals and couples, John teaches you it's the little things that make a big difference in life. Most times, these little things are just the positive thoughts and simple actions you can make to improve your health and the relationships in your life. John's dating videos, health seminars, and live events are a great way to jump start finding your soulmate, building lasting relationships, and creating success in all aspects of your life.

from those who worked with Dr. John Gray

"We've learned all kinds of great stuff from John Gray over the years."
- Oprah Winfrey

"Personally and professionally, everyone walks away with a special message from John Gray."
- T. Harv Eker, NYT Bestseller

Mindful Dating Coaches: The Authentic Man Program

The "Dude" Coaches

with Authentic Man Program

The Authentic Man Program is dedicated to supporting you in unlocking your inner badass and expressing the power of your sexuality (heck yes!). Their Foundations of Inner Game will help you dissolve the fear and insecurities that have been holding you back from success with women for years. Become the confident man who women feel deep attraction for and men instantly respect... even before you say a word. Get access to their Authentic Sexual Power videos to shed the last trace of the approval-seeking “nice guy” and unleash the primal, masculine, love-beast inside you.

from those who know the Authentic Man Program

"Previously, I thought that attraction was a prerequisite for connection. I see now that attraction can arise because of connection."
- Joe K

"Since I studied the AMP stuff, people are asking, ‘Ok, what the hell is different with you?' and I'm having a hell of a lot more fun with all people, including women."
- Dave

Mindful Dating Coaches: Ken Page

Deeper Dating

with Ken Page

KEN PAGE, LCSW, is a renowned psychotherapist and the author of the bestselling book Deeper Dating: How to Drop the Games of Seduction and Discover the Power of Intimacy. Ken's teachings are a message of hope, backed by solid research, for single people of all ages, backgrounds and sexual orientations. He is the author of Psychology Today's extremely popular blog Finding Love. He has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan and more. Ken has led online and in-person workshops on intimacy and spirituality for thousands of participants worldwide. He has taught at Columbia University, the Omega Institute, and the Garrison Institute and for The Shift Network. He is also the founder of Deeper Dating, an inspired and inspiring event in which single people get to meet in fun and enriching ways while learning the deeper lessons of intimacy. Ken resides in New York with his partner, children and cats.

from those who worked with Ken Page

“Deeper Dating is a beautiful journey into deeper intimacy, an inspiring and important guidebook for everyone seeking authentic love.”
—Judith Orloff, M.D., author of The Ecstasy of Surrender

“If you are truly ready for big, heart-opening, lasting romantic love, this workshop-in-a book offers the proven step-by-step process. Highly recommended.”
Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret

Mindful Dating Coaches: Annie Lalla

Love, Sex & Conflict resolution

with Annie Lalla

A philosopher, speaker and a thought leader, Annie is known as the “Cartographer of Love”. Specializing in love, sex & conflict resolution, Annie has created a suite of practical tools to help people resolve toxic patterns, develop romantic esteem, diffuse conflict, assuage shame/blame and cultivate deep, resilient relationships that last a lifetime.

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