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Elevate Your Love by Practicing Couples Yoga

Yoga unites breath and movement, mind and body, so why not person and… person? Strengthen your bodies and strengthen your love with couples yoga.

Part of what makes yoga such a special pastime is the feeling of oneness we experience as we connect with our body, spirit, and breath. Now, imagine if you were to take this practice and experience it with your partner.

The word “yoga” literally translates to “union,” and while it is meant to unite our mind and body, this same principle can be applied to uniting two people. Relying on each other to sustain positions creates a strong bond; not only does it require trust, but it’s fun and invigorating.

If you have any reservations about trying out yoga as a couple’s activity instead of going solo, consider these ways that doing yoga together can benefit your relationship.

Facilitates Bonding

If the daily grind is starting to cut into the time you and your partner used to spend together, new activities are always welcomed. Unfortunately, there can be a lot of distractions—-checking e-mails from work, social networking from cell phones, or distractions from children or others—when couples try to spend quality time together. The great thing about yoga is it’s about being totally present in the moment, which means you and your partner will be giving each other your complete attention. This awareness of one another is the best quality time you can possibly get.

Fires Up the Libido

Doing couples yoga can help rev up your libido in multiple ways. The obvious would be the close physical contact and the intimacy of synchronized breathing. It’s also a great time to pick up on each other’s pheromones, while noticing how good your partner looks in those form-fitting yoga pants. Those who crave emotional connection and intimacy will also appreciate being able to look into each other’s eyes, holding hands, and bonding. Getting your heart rate up and having a good workout is also known to increase sex drive.

Provides Laughter & Fun

They say couples who play together, stay together, and there definitely seems to be some truth to that statement. When you laugh and have fun with your partner, any oxytocin or endorphins that are released become associated with your partner, which increases your relationship satisfaction. During your yoga session, you’ll be learning and trying new positions as you both work together to stay balanced. All the fumbling and working together is sure to inspire a lot of tension-releasing laughter.

Helps Build Trust

If you had any inhibitions around your partner, doing yoga together is a great way of tearing those walls down. Many tricky positions will require you to support your partner as well as being open enough up to receive support. Using your bodies to help find a cohesive balance will be an essential part of your ability to hit and sustain poses. This kind of vulnerability and reliance will help strengthen the trust you have in each other. But aside from the physical aspect of couple’s yoga, you’ll gain the trust that comes from helping each other meet goals and grow as individuals.

Inspires & Motivates

Because yoga is an exercise that focuses on mind, body, and spirit, it serves as a great tool for staying positive and motivated. If you and your partner have any health, fitness, or other kind of goals, making time together doing something that facilitates your objective will keep you both inspired and on track. Being able to achieve a goal with your partner brings a new kind of strength and closeness to the relationship.

As you can see, the benefits that couples yoga can have on your relationship are numerous. Don’t be discouraged if you’re completely new to yoga, after all, part of the excitement comes from trying something you haven’t done before. Try these tips and see how yoga can enhance your love life.

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