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The Evolved Man Exists: Are You Ready for Him?

Blogger Mark Groves surprises anyone claiming to be on the hunt for “the perfect guy” by explaining why an evolved man may not be interested in you… yet.

A lot of single ladies out there love to fantasize about their dream guy. A friend of mine and I giggled like teenagers during breakfast today while we described the perfect man as someone who could “fix your broken sink and gently burp a baby.”

Common sentiments are, “I’m so tired of dating bad boys,” “When will I stop trying to fix these guys?” and “He said nine months isn’t long enough to know if we should be exclusive.”

Wake up, ladies! Maybe the reason you’re not finding “the perfect man” is subconsciously you know you’re not ready. It would be pretty scary to be with someone that is way more mature and stable than you. Especially if you pride yourself on being mature and stable.

Mark Groves recently wrote an incredible article describing the attributes an evolved man will possess. Are you ready for a man to call you out on your flaws? Are you ready for a man to love you with his actions instead of his storybook words? Are you ready to be held accountable for your own flaws instead of being with men you feel obligated to fix?

Think about it.

Maybe the man you’re looking for exists but he’s waiting for you to get your shit together.

CLICK HERE to read Mark’s article and ponder whether or not you’re ready for an evolved man.

[image: via Bryan Wright on flickr]

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