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Giving Thanks: Things We Love About Dating in Denver

It’s time to exude gratitude and what better way than to join with Krystal Baugher in her ode to Denver. If you’re dating in Denver, cheers to being single.

In many homes across the United States it’s a popular tradition during Thanksgiving to go around the dinner table and list the things we were thankful for. Most responses are pretty standard, family, friends, a job, etc.

Dating though…dating is one of those things many people aren’t that thankful for, but maybe should be. The way I look at it, dating plays a vital role in so many people’s relationships both romantically and otherwise. And though the holiday season is a stressful time for daters, it’s also a great time to reflect on the good and the bad and to embrace all of the positive elements that dating provides to our lives.

Having gratitude toward the little and the big things makes life so much more beautiful. It’s not just the “what,” either. Sure, we can make long lists of everything that has impacted us over the years, but more importantly, it’s the “why.” Why are family and friends and jobs so wonderful? What do they provide? What does dating give us and why should we love it? The gratitude exists not only in the what but also in the why.

For us out here in Colorado it’s particularly spectacular for so many reasons.

Things We Love About Dating in Denver


Sure, it only relates to dating in a roundabout way, but with 300 days of it, we all get plenty of vitamin-D in the Mile High City. This makes us happier and healthier and a lot more fun to be around.

The Art of Conversation

Dating helps the development of deeper dialogue. It’s really the best time to hone in on figuring out ways to ask the right questions and spark lively debates and discussions. I like to think of it as practice for interviews or weird social engagements that I might get stuck in (vegan meetups anyone?). Dating helps keep that skill fresh, alive and interesting.


With nearly 200 breweries in the state, Colorado makes something for everyone’s taste buds and makes first dates easy to decide upon and easier to get through. Plus, tours and brew hopping are always good choices regardless of how many times you’ve already gone out together.

Mystery & Magic

Specifically in the first couple of rounds of dating someone new, the intrigue can make it totally worth it. It’s the possibility that one’s life could change for the better, that the other might be “the one,” or at least the perfect one for the night (Tinder, anyone?). The anticipation is down right thrilling, plus there’s something about people living in the mountains that gives off a strange aura of promise.

A Social Education

Colorado is the third smartest state (Massachusetts and Maryland are first and second), which means people here know stuff. That’s one of the biggest perks of dating, meeting new people who are full of the weirdest bits and pieces of information. There is always something to learn while on a date, whether it’s the first one for the four-hundredth.

The Joke’s on Who?

According to The Humor Code, Denver is ranked the eighth funniest city. Now, I’ve been out to a couple of open mic stand-ups and I’m not sure I’d totally agree, but one thing I learned from being single in the city for so long is that a good date always gets better with a top-notch joke. Or, in my case, the cheesiest worst jokes anyone has ever heard (as I seem to find the badness of them part of their charm). Whether or not we’re actually a funny city, we can keep working on it and dates are a great place to both share and steal the “good” ones out there.

Mirror Mirror

Introspection is strong here in Colorado, we’re great at looking within while also looking outward. The thing is, on dates we learn about someone else, but more importantly we learn things about ourselves. We reflect off of the other and expose things that had yet to be uncovered. This can be surprising while on dates that aren’t going so well. It’s an opportunity to figure out what does and doesn’t work and how much you can and want to tolerate something. Sometimes it just doesn’t click, but having the ability to understand why is a strong tool that a many mindful folk seem to possess.

Sexy and We Know It

There are really just a lot of ridiculously hot people here. It makes sense because 80% of the residents consider themselves active (if it wasn’t for the binge drinking we’d move from eighth place closer to first, but that’s a different issue). The hiking, the biking, the running, the skiing; people make the most of the space here and it shows in their toned, ripped, sweating, strong, majestic, virile, damn fine (dang, dude) bodies.

The Chemistry Between You

No matter where you are, Colorado or otherwise, when something clicks and you both feel a spark, some sort of electric current between the two of you magnetizes you closer. The flirting, the witty banter and the butterflies in the stomach. That moment and that moment alone, might be the most glorious part about dating. It’s the thing that makes it all worthwhile.

So this holiday season, when relatives ask about your love life, as they tend to do (as if it’s any of their business), be loud and proud to be dating. The beauty and exceptional traits about the city and the people make it totally valuable both time-wise and for self-development.

I’m full of gratitude every time I meet someone new, even if I end up not really liking them in the end, because every moment that I still try, there’s still hope that one day love will find the way.

[image via Larry Johnson on flickr]


About the Author:

Krystal Baugher

Krystal Baugherlives in Denver, Colorado. She is the founder of Go Eat a Carrot, a website dedicated to exploring the worlds of pleasure and politics. Find her on Instagram to stay up to date with all of her shenanigans.


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