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How to Manifest Love (the Kind You Want & Deserve)

If we could give you a superpower, it would be how to manifest love. The love you want is waiting for you, and we’ve got three simple steps to get you there.

I define what I do as an intuitive reader and coach as being an Intuitive Alchemist. This is because I help my clients blend together multiple elements in their lives to create the reality they are looking for. As you may have already guessed, the number one thing I am asked about is manifesting love.

We all want love and work hard to find and keep it. Nothing can take us down faster or lift us higher than love. So why does it seem that finding healthy love is such a challenge? I find it’s because we’re often looking outside of ourselves and fail to understand that ultimately manifesting love is first an inside job.

I am sharing with you today the first three steps I use with my clients who are looking to manifest great love. This alchemic blend provides you with a proper foundation for—energetically as well as emotionally—being in alignment with delicious, juicy love!


No dialogue on manifestation would be complete without first highlighting the importance of paying keen attention to the narrative we tell ourselves about our relationship to love. One of the first things I ask a client when we are beginning our adventure together is to tell me their story about the relationship they have with love. Typically, the narrative is filled with challenges, obstacles, wounds, and insecurities that essentially limit the potential he or she has when looking for love.

It is essential we tell ourselves a narrative which releases the wounds of the past and creates room for opportunity. The energetic and emotional broadcast we emit—-which plays a large roll in how we relate to others—depends on a healthy thought bank which sees rich possibility, and not dreary inadequacy.

We all come with a past and, chances are, if we have taken a breath we have been hurt. When we allow the wounds of our past to fester, however, we create an energetic and emotional coagulation, which means there is no flow. Additionally, our wounds are not just within us, but projected from us. Conversely, when we work to heal our wounds, forgive the past, and let ourselves believe in possibility again, we free energy to flow and give each new connection the best chance of thriving.


While our thoughts are incredibly important, it’s the blend of our thoughts and the emotional response triggered that has the greatest power. Think about how you experience fear or pain. If I am fearful of lack and am worried about how I am going to pay my bills, I do not just think about the lack in my life—I experience it emotionally. I lay awake at night thinking about the bills I have to pay, the food I need to put in my fridge to feed my family. I have trouble sleeping because of the anxiety and sometimes I can even worry myself sick! Of course, this is just an example (I kicked worry to the curb some time ago!!!!) but it paints a clear picture of the power our thoughts and emotions have.

It’s important to not just think about how rich your life is with love and romance, but to actually feel the emotional representation of that thought. Feel your heart swell with love and brimming with trust that no matter where the relationship may go, you are exactly where you need to be, doing exactly what you need to be doing to further your growth.

Not only is emotion blended with thought crucial, it’s also important to show yourself some of the love you are expecting from others. We teach others how to treat us based on how we treat us, so being a lover to ourselves, lavishing ourselves with affection in the form of self care, and intimacy is an important step to increasing our love quotient.


Seems fairly obvious that we would end with a little old fashion hard work, right? After all, it’s hard to meet someone who is outgoing, fun, and adventurous if we have trouble leaving our living room. Do things that make you happy and light you up! Take a cooking class, a rock climbing class (many city recreational centers offer a variety of classes, take a look in your own town!) or visit a favorite local restaurant. Not only will doing these things broaden our own horizons and make us happy, but we’ll increase our chances of meeting someone with similar interests.

While action in the direction of finding someone external is important, so are the actions we all must take for the self. Evaluate your relational habits and patterns. Take a look at the type of people you are drawn to and what the patterns tell you. The more action you take on healing wounds and brushing up on your relational skills, the more prepared you are to handle the fluctuations of a relationship.

These three steps form the foundation for my work and have proven exceptionally helpful for bringing forth grand love into the lives of those I work with. Take each step in stride and understand that sometimes they will dredge up some uncomfortable realizations. Do not hide from them, rather embrace and lean into them. There is so much to learn in what swells to the surface in each of these steps.

Happy Manifesting!

About the Author:

Laura Brown

Laura Brown is a Colorado based Intuitive Alchemist, healer and Magic Maker. She runs Intuitive Alchemy, a sanctuary for intuitive readings and coaching. Stay up to date through her Facebook page and receive free daily intuitive tarot readings by following her on Instagram. Interested in Laura's services or products? Visit her site for more information: Intuitive Alchemy


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