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“I Think He’s Keeping Something from Me” with Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt

Sinking suspicion your honey is keeping something from you? Our favorite intimacy expert is here to make the distinction between bad and bitchy behavior.

I hear you sister. Your gut is screaming at you to trust your intuition, yet your head is spinning and you’re doubting yourself… you don’t want to lose him, yet you don’t want to be used… it’s enough to make you go mad! I get it.

And so, I hope these tips guide you onto a path of grounded certainty, courage and peace:

1. Either he’s not honoring you, or you’re asking in a way he won’t respond to… which is it?

2. Trust him to be who he is, not who you want him to be.

3. Listen to your gut, feel into your body, watch your dreams, let your subconscious guide you.

Ultimately, when we can’t hear our truth, can’t feel our instincts, it makes for a life of terror, questioning, never relaxing and constant fear of being hurt. Commit yourself: in 2015 you will change this. You will do whatever it takes to HEAL whatever wound is in the way of you hearing your truth, connecting with your courage to STAND in your truth and CREATE a life of delicious love, honor, respect and orgasmic joy that you deserve!

I can help. Go to and enjoy my free, value-packed newsletter, my weekly free radio show and be supported by several books, CDs, DVD etc. You may also require the power of a healing, intuitive strategy session with me. If so, let me offer you a discount as a member of MeetMindful. Go to and use the code: friend for a substantial discount.

Being in an unhealthy relationship drains your power, essence, money, joy and self worth. Being in a healthy relationship enhances your wealth, health, joy, expression and ability to make a delicious difference on this planet. You owe it to that beautiful soul of yours to honor it and do the work that will let you shine!!!!

Great love and happy holidays!!! xooxox Allana

About the Author:

Allana Pratt

Featured on CBS, TLC, FOX, coach to celebrities, a cum laude graduate of Columbia, Allana’s a single mom who battled an internal war of body shame and sexual guilt that destroyed her confidence, joy and softness. Now, author of three books, she pole dances for pleasure, and knows ‘When mama’s happy, everybody’s happy!’ She inspires women to embrace their sacred erotic nature to attract all the love and attention they choose and heals men’s emasculated hearts, cures their ‘nice guy’ and awakens their noble badass honoring of women.Thousands flock to her sexy empowering show Intimate Conversations LIVE. She’s here to end sexual violence on the planet, have stupid amounts of joy as a mother, ooze sensuality and inspire reverence for our exquisite sexual nature.


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