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How to Keep Love Alive at Different Levels of Consciousness

Sometimes we move on the path—away from the one we love. But that doesn’t mean the relationship has to suffer. Here are some simple steps to keep love alive.

Finally finding the romance that seems to grow into the conscious relationship you’ve been seeking can feel sensational, but how do you keep things moving forward and evolving together? What do you do when your special someone is not at the same stage of consciousness you’ve arrived at?

Here are a few simple reminders to keep your heart and relationship in check:

1. Love comes first.

Love and accept your partner for who they are, perceived flaws and all. When you put real love first, it makes the rest much easier to digest—even the tough bits. And everything starts with you, so loving and accepting yourself will make doing the same for them second nature.

2. Enjoy the journey.

Appreciate that you are both on your own individual journeys through life and love. Even though your paths are crossing, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will converge—or even run parallel—but when you are close enough, you can certainly smile and wave “Hello.”

3. Perpetual motion.

You and your partner are in constant motion. You are both growing deeper in your awareness and conscious life at your own pace, in your own time, for your own reasons, in your own ways. With this constant movement, you are bound to find common ground at some point in your relationship—cherish and appreciate these fleeting moments. They will briefly allow you to walk through life side by side.

4. Releasing judgment.

It is fruitless to judge another’s position in life or consciousness. You are where you are meant to be, and so are they. You two may not be perfect for each other right now, but you are perfect in your own ways. It is not wrong or bad to allow them to be where they are and move on to a different stage of consciousness when they are ready. All you need to decide is if it is right or good for you to accompany them.

5. Then and now.

You may want to look at your partner’s behavior and mindset and compare them to where you have been. You may think you’re ahead of them—since we often judge progress by timeline (i.e. where you are now is better than where you were before)—but this is not necessarily the case. Release the assumption that you are ahead of or above anyone else. Perceived progress, and even regression, can be masked by large passages of time. Consciousness is a lifelong journey and we all end up at the same place in the end.

6. Perceived superiority.

The notion of waiting for or helping your loved one “catch up” to you can breed all sorts of negative perceptions—namely superiority. Let go of any ideas of one way being better or higher than another. Living your intentional and conscious life works to keep you happy and fulfilled. But being around someone who looks down on or pities you for not being where they are doesn’t exactly put wind beneath your wings—and your partner won’t appreciate it either.

7. Balance of power.

With consciousness comes power. The highly-conscious may unwittingly try to exert that power over their partner. Tread lightly on the idea of teaching your mate how to grow into a more conscious life. Allowing authority figures in a relationship can lead to a power imbalance and a breakdown of loving affection. Teacher-student, leader-follower, guide-disciple—these relationships traditionally mean one holds more power than the other. Healthy relationships maintain balance.

So whether you find yourself on the upper or lower rung of a consciously staggered relationship, remember to:

  • Love and accept yourself and your partner for who you both are.
  • Enjoy your journeys through life and love, separately and together.
  • Keep moving at your own pace, for your own reasons.
  • Enjoy the perfection in who you and they are.
  • Focus on what works for your life now, instead of looking back or setting a schedule.
  • View your partner as your peer, and treat them with love, compassion and respect.
  • Be your partner’s ally, not their authority.

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