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Manifesting Your Soulmate: The Love Altar

Arielle Ford teaches many techniques for manifesting your soulmate, including prayer and visualization, but one of the most ritualistic practices is the construction of a love altar.

This might sound superstitious or like something of the occult, but the method that Arielle suggests relates to a concept that is a bit more pragmatic.

Most people can agree that the Universe is comprised of energies, energies of various magnitudes and sources. Arielle refers to this well of energies as the Life Force, and she believes that it is possible to focus this force on manifesting true love.

So our soul mate is already out there, waiting for us; but the next step after making that realization is to make our intentions clear so necessary energy can be concentrated in the right places.

Hence, the love altar.

The shrine acts as a physical representation of our intentions for a relationship with our yet-to-be-introduced soulmate. To Arielle, the altar is less a place of worship and more a tangible foundation for our thoughts and feelings. The hope is that, by representing these feelings, we can clarify and specify our needs. Once these desires have been expressed clearly, we are closer to being prepared for “the one.

Arielle offers the bedroom as the ideal place for the altar, because it is a sacred place where people spend much of their time. Placing the altar in the bedroom would ensure that it is the first thing seen when one wakes up and the last thing seen before one goes to bed.

She gives instructions for properly setting up the room and building the shrine, and the first step is, naturally, clearing the room as well as your mind of any clutter.

The rest of her methodology for fabricating a love altar and manifesting your soulmate can be read here.

[image: via Alice Popkorn on flickr]

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