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Meditation, Masturbation & Self-Love

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While you might think meditation and masturbation an unlikely pair, Morgan Leigh Callison believes it just might be the ticket to world peace. Really!

—This article was originally published by our friends at elephant journal; we’re republishing (with permission!) because we love it… and them. Enjoy.— 

Recently, I discovered that May is International Masturbation Month.

It made sense to me right away, because… Well, I’ll leave that to your imagination.

I shared this discovery with all my friends, hitting on the idea that if we all masturbated on a daily basis, the world would be a more peaceful place. And quite quickly, a good friend of mine quipped back, “Yup, masturbation and meditation is all we need for world peace!”

I couldn’t agree more.

Mainly because these two acts are a couple of the most potent forms of self-love. And self-love is, in my humble opinion, a delightful way to a more peaceful planet.

I got some of the best advice on self love from a creative friend of mine whose spirit overflows into everything she does. She’s a soul painter, painting a new, beautiful way of life with each dab and stroke of her brush. We sat in meditation together one day, her leading a group of us ladies through a mind journey into our sensual loving selves.

She told us that during self-pleasuring, the key is to stay connected to ourselves. And just to be clear, this meditation was not solely about masturbation—it was about connecting to our inner selves, our souls, and the fragmented parts in ourselves. It was about bringing ourselves back to a state of healthy living in all dimensions, physically, emotionally and spiritually, and sexually.

And when she touched on the concept of self-pleasure, what really stuck out to me was her suggestion, that when we next explored our own sexuality, whenever that may be (every day if it’s the month of May!) we try our hardest to stay completely present with ourselves in that moment. To not allow our minds to wander to our usual fantasy scenes or favorite sexual partners. That we commit to keeping it all about ourselves—connecting deeply to our very own sensuality and sexuality.

So, how do we do this? What is the best way to merge our meditation practice with masturbation?


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Morgan Leigh Callison is a contributor with elephant journal. She is a wild woman on the loose, here to write words that inspire you and stir your soul. The words that she chooses to write have been born out of a desire to heal herself, with the intention of being a co-creator of a community and a world that is based in equality, personal inner peace, and harmony with all beings. She’s a deep lover, a natural born leader and an awakener of truth.

You can find more of her words here or here.

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