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“Why do men always have to lead?” with Allana Pratt

Tired of how society thinks your supposed to behave? Allana Pratt explores our relationship to gender roles in dating and beyond.

Question: Is it wrong that I sometimes feel bitter and resentful, frustrated that I always have to be the one that makes the first move, does the approaching and asking out? Why do you think men are supposed to enjoy and embrace this role?


I hear you, Love!

1. Your experience is totally valid. And I honor you for sharing your truth. Vulnerability is sexy. Bitterness, however, isn’t so much… yes?

2. Thus remember that what you resist persists… if you stay resentful… that means your vibration and beliefs are one of resentment… so you’re going to attract an experience to make you right about it. AKA a woman who says, “You better make all the decisions or I’m outta here.”

However, if you heal this, shift this, get curious about this, come to peace with this… then you’re open to a new reality… one where the woman you date likes to take charge some of the time, likes to attack you in the bedroom.

3. Lastly, remember that we are all both Masculine and Feminine. We are ALL. And so please embrace who you are… there are many men who love to cook, do the grocery shopping, be asked to help out or provide. There are plenty of women who love to direct, figure things out, be in charge, ask men out. There is no good/bad right/wrong… there is simply Who You Are.

So perhaps this just means you prefer a more masculine directional woman… so allow yourself that! Let it be OK that you are uniquely amazingly YOU.

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If you have the desire, you have what it takes to fulfill it. Promise. Nobody does it all alone. We’re in this together. And I’m so honored to be in your world.

Great unbridled love, Allana xoox

About the Author:

Allana Pratt

Featured on CBS, TLC, FOX, coach to celebrities, a cum laude graduate of Columbia, Allana’s a single mom who battled an internal war of body shame and sexual guilt that destroyed her confidence, joy and softness. Now, author of three books, she pole dances for pleasure, and knows ‘When mama’s happy, everybody’s happy!’ She inspires women to embrace their sacred erotic nature to attract all the love and attention they choose and heals men’s emasculated hearts, cures their ‘nice guy’ and awakens their noble badass honoring of women.Thousands flock to her sexy empowering show Intimate Conversations LIVE. She’s here to end sexual violence on the planet, have stupid amounts of joy as a mother, ooze sensuality and inspire reverence for our exquisite sexual nature.


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