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Mindful Moment #32 – Falling for Winter

Take a deep breath
Falling for Winter
Here it is. The Holidays. This year I feel like I have a foot in two worlds. The one where I must be an adult and make arrangements and feed the family and run the errands et cetera ad nauseum. I fall wearily into my armchair at night wondering where the day went and what I forgot. I’m a little grumpy. I’m a little anxious. I’m a little overwhelmed by my to do list. I am also, on a broader scale of outlook, satisfied with my accomplishments, proud of my kids, and hopeful that we’ll all keep moving forward toward something fulfilling. And even though I hate the gloom of winter pressing in too early on my afternoons, I am remembering to cherish the light.
The other world I am standing in has kept me in that “cherishing the light” mindset. Being open to that positive perspective takes me back to childhood holiday memories where everything seemed to be a lush, exciting, cheerful time of special, sparkling things. There was a beautifully decorated tree in the house, extra delicious food, an increase in the sweets I was allowed to have, and something like calm that came with winter. Behind all of the frenetic crescendo of holiday *stuff* happening, there was this sense of quiet and peace and renewal that crept in around the edges of my bedroom curtain. Between winter moons and extra-bright stars, the lights at night were their own mesmerizing magical things. 
It’s hard to stay in that childlike mindset when the reality of life is right there on the other foot. But you know what? It’s fun. If you can let yourself breathe and set down your worries, stress, or even grief (like me), you can conjure up those feelings again. 
I invite you to sit down in a comfortable spot and go on a little winter journey for today’s meditation. 
Sit down. Breathe deeply. Lower your shoulders. Relax your jaw and your brows. Close your eyes.
Imagine yourself standing outside at nighttime. You are in a wide-open space where you can see most of the sky above you. It is a clear, moonless night, but the stars are brilliant and bright, shining down from a large swath of glowing light from the Milky Way. 
It is cold outside, but you are warm and cozy within your winter clothes. I want you to begin walking in any direction you choose. 
As you walk, feel the thrill of chilly air in your lungs. What can you hear? Is there snow on the ground? 
You come to the edge of the clearing where there are trees and boulders and a small stream. Choose an element that stands out to you in the starlight. Is there a particular tree you can see that feels welcoming to you? Is there a boulder that seems appealing? Or does the stream seem to call you?
Walk to your element and listen to the sounds you can hear in this space. Breathe in deeply. This cool night air smells fresh and crisp. Approach your chosen element. Ask the tree, boulder, or stream for permission to work with it. If permission is not granted, choose another element. When permission is granted, thank your element, and reach out to touch it. What does it feel like under your fingers?
And here is where I want you to play with your imagination. You can imagine climbing onto/into your element, where you find a nice place to sit and watch shooting stars. You can imagine becoming your element, swaying like a tall pine in the winter wind; flowing like water away into a larger stream, carrying fish and leaves as you go; growing solidly into the earth where you can feel the connection to other stones, water, and soil around you. You can become an animal that lives in your element. You can simply sit nearby and observe.
As you experience this union with nature, I want you to feel the soft hum of life within you. Yes, the chill of winter has made you subdued in a way, but you are still here. Even as the darkness stretches longer each night, you are watching and resting, relaxing and relying on the cycle of the earth to keep your inner energy in a renewable state. 
You can feel the fulfillment of rest. You can appreciate the starshine that has led you to this place. You understand innately how you belong to this world. You understand how each element brings its own energy to the space, interacting with each other as pieces of the whole. 
Now, slowly and gently, I want you to disengage from your element so that you are standing before it once again. Extend gratitude for allowing you to work with it. And begin to return to your starting point, which you realize now is home. When you arrive, be sure to thank the stars and the sky, as well.
When you are ready, open your eyes. 
Stretch and breathe and consider some grounding outdoors if you wish. 
I encourage you to write down any ideas or feelings that you want to remember from this journey. I hope it allows you to embrace the beauty of winter as we continue into the holiday season.
As always, namaste.


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That’s all for today, y’all – remember, taking time to focus on you is an act of love.

We hope you found this helpful – don’t hesitate to reply with any feedback on how we can improve future Mindful Moments! We can’t wait to hear from you.


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