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Mindful Moment Issue #01


Happy Friday! Can you spare 2 minutes away from the world to refresh your sense of wellbeing? Welcome to the only email in your inbox today that isn’t asking anything from you.

Take a deep breath


Consider the following lines. Read them silently, then repeat them (silently or aloud) to yourself:

Nobody wants anything from me right now. 


Nobody needs anything from me right now. 


Repeat it as many times as you need to clear your mental space. 

The truth is, there probably are demands on you right now, just as there always are. But this mantra is here to remind you that IT’S OK to take 2 minutes out of your day, solely for yourself.

Nobody wants anything from me right now. 


Nobody needs anything from me right now. 


Once you’ve calmed and centered yourself, you’ll be even more helpful to those who need your support.


Each time in this list we’ll curate and share the most inspirational and helpful articles that have helped inspire us this week. 

  1. I just knew that she needed help.” Watch pro Australian surfer Mikey Wright selflessly throw himself into the rough ocean to rescue a drowning stranger. 
  2. A 9-hour sound bath: Crystal singing bowls, free and uninterrupted.
  3. Breath Awareness narrated by Rick Heller from the Secular Humanist Contemplative Group of Harvard University


3 Questions: Bryan Reeves Talks Gratitude

Struggle is inevitable… but suffering is optional. Personal relationship expert Bryan Reeves explains the simple yet profound solution: gratitude. The good news? You can change your life by changing your thinking.

Monthly Scopes: Intuitive Medicine for January

Intuitive Alchemist Laura Brown offers an alternative to New Year’s resolutions that will be abandoned in a few weeks. Instead, Brown suggests we focus on how we want to feel about the year ahead, and provides an energetic exploration into the month ahead for each sign.

How to Let Go of the Relationship

Breaking up is one thing; moving on is a whole different story. If you can’t leave that old relationship behind, here are 12 steps that you can take right now to step outside of the past “you” and into a peaceful, thriving person.

That’s all for today, y’all – remember, taking time to focus on you is an act of love.

We hope you found this helpful – don’t hesitate to reply with any feedback on how we can improve future Mindful Moments! We can’t wait to hear from you.


See you next time! 


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