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Physical Attraction or Soulmate Connection? 3 Questions to Ask

Trust your heart, your intuition and these three questions. Sarah Faith Brumett dishes on the line between physical chemistry and a soulmate connection.

We all have experienced it at sometime—our heart fluttering, our palms getting sweaty as our body heats and the impulse to stare covertly so as not to be accused of gawking.

You know that you are attracted to this person, but how can you tell if it is more than skin deep?

When I was much younger and entering into my romantic life I went through my first heart break. The relationship was—for the most part—based on physical attraction. We were both young, he was a male model and very good looking, and we went to school together. We were officially a couple for only two weeks, but the emotional turmoil and occasional hookup lasted for well over a year and a half. After finally separating myself, I knew that I could not afford to make the same mistake again and get involved in a relationship that lacked substance and a real chance of having love.

Fast forward to now, I am married to a wonderful man and we share a loving, devoted and fulfilling relationship.

I want to share exactly what I did differently in choosing my husband, and what has helped my clients keep their heart, head and soul in agreement where love is concerned.

Here are three questions to ask yourself that will tell you the difference between physical attraction and a soulmate connection. Some may be able to answer these questions right away. For others it may take a little time, so it is important to give yourself time to reflect before becoming entangled.

#1 What qualities do I absolutely need in a partner and does this person have those qualities?

Identify what qualities you feel are necessary for a healthy relationship. This should be done before you go out on your next date. For example, it is absolutely necessary that my partner is kind to me, loyal to our relationship, loves adventure, is in touch with his feelings and is spiritual. Now your turn. Write down the top five qualities that you require in a partnership.

*Remember: a compatible soulmate will grow with you, but there first needs to be a healthy foundation for it to grow upon.

#2 Do we share activities, interests, passions and or a spiritual practice?

For example, we both love going hiking and swimming in the ocean or doing art and going to the farmers market or computer programming and playing with crystals.

*Remember: you do not have to love everything the other person is into, but sharing things that matter to the two of you lets you spend quality time together and supports a healthy happy partnership to help the relationship last.

#3 Do I feel like I can be myself around this person?

In a soulmate connection you will feel a sense of being accepted for who you are. You will feel like you instantly know this person and perhaps have known them before this time and place. With your most compatible soulmate, you can grow together while supporting each other to grow into the person you are both meant to be.

*There will be no pretense, no games and certainly no B.S.

If you answered “yes” to all three of these questions, then you have more than just physical attraction and a real soulmate connection.

If you answered “no” to some or all of these questions, do not despair. Your compatible soulmate is out there looking for you as much as you are looking for them. It only means that you two are getting ready for each other. The best way to get ready for love is to start at the only place that you can. Learning to love your self completely.

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Sarah Faith Brumett Sarah Faith Brumett is a certified ThetaHealing® Master, Instructor and Practitioner and Co-Founder of ThetaHealing®NYC school and healing center located in the heart of Manhattan. She helps clients manifest their most compatible partner through the Soulmate workshop that she teaches with her husband Eric Brumett, and also with one on one sessions. Sarah Faith specializes in helping her clients to release fears, limiting beliefs and what blocks them from living their optimal potential in love, health, strength, and prosperity. Her areas of specialty are building self esteem, body image and self love, transforming relationship dynamics, and the I Love My Body 12-Week Program that transforms your relationship with food, exercise and most importantly with yourself to release weight naturally.

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