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Preparing Your Home for That Special-Someone’s First Visit

With these tips, preparing your home for your love’s first visit never felt so easy. Even simple tidying can transform your living space in a big way. 

Your first few dates were a blast, but now your romantic interest wants to take things to the next level. You wake up to a text asking if they can come over. Sure, you think, that would be great!

But then you take a look around your house… It’s a mess.

First impressions are everything, and luckily, you succeeded when you met your date for the first time. But letting them see where you live is another story entirely. You want to show them you care about your abode, from cleanliness to personality.

Don’t blow the chance to wow your date the moment they step through the door. Follow these tips to make your home shine.

Be Generally Clean… Not Picture Perfect

When it comes to a clean home, you have to hover between two extremes: total mess and absolutely sterile. You don’t want your place to look like the inside of a dumpster, but making it look like a furniture store isn’t any better.

If you’ve been on the earth long enough to read this article, you probably know some rules about being clean. In case you don’t, however, here’s a handy checklist that anyone will appreciate:

  • Vacuuming: the floor is always dirty, just do it!
  • Dusting: don’t think of it as surface cleaning, think of it as air-quality control, too. 
  • Make your bed: just in case. For later.
  • A place for everything, and everything in its… yeah, you’ve probably heard that saying too many times.
  • Leave some room for imbalance: it’s okay to have some books out on the table, or some papers on the desk. Not every surface needs to be spotless!

If you have trouble finding time or motivation to clean, consider creating a cleaning schedule for yourself.

Clean the Bathroom. Plain and Simple.

You may think you have great basic hygiene skills, but to someone else, your bathroom could look like a nightmare. Whether it’s being out of toilet paper, hand soap, or fresh towels, your date should find everything they need in its place without having to open every cabinet.

So, what should be done to take care of your bathroom? Run through this list:

  • Clean it. Really clean it. Get a sponge with some Lysol and scrub everything down. Make sure the inside of the toilet bowl is sparkling.
  • Replace anything that is running low (toilet paper is paramount).
  • Consider keeping an air freshener in your bathroom.
  • Wash your hands if you use it when your date is present!

Get Rid of the Dishes & Stock the Fridge

Somehow, dishes magically appear in the sink. Once you put one in, the rest will follow within a matter of hours. Do you have a pile of dishes sitting in your sink? Clear it out. Dirty dishes are an obvious sign of uncleanliness to a person who is entering your home for the first time.

While you’re at it, take a look in your fridge. You’re going to need a bit more than just a half gallon of milk and some pasta sauce.

Start by including a variety of beverages. If nothing else, your significant other will appreciate a fresh drink. Next, get some essentials for your pantry that aren’t junk food, such as fresh fruit and veggies, pretzels, or pita chips.

Finally, make sure you have a good set of matching dishes. If you’ll be cooking, stock up on the necessary cookware that you’ll need to get the job done.

Don’t Be Afraid to Showcase Your Family/Your Things

Once they step through the door, your sweetheart is looking around for things that display your personality. They’ll quickly browse your record collection, your bookshelf, your movies, even awkward family photos that you probably wish they would totally just look over.

However, all of your items and collections provide the perfect nonverbal opportunity to let someone know what you’re passionate about and what your tastes are. Your home speaks for itself so you don’t need to tell people everything. Don’t be afraid to let those old pictures stand proudly on your bookshelves, go wipe off the dust of some of your most sentimental objects and display your family heirlooms that you may have forgotten you had in your attic, and let them embrace who you really are.

Some people try to hide things they like when they have company—they’re afraid others might judge some of their interests. Don’t succumb to this bad habit. Your significant other just wants to learn more about you. Chances are, you’ll have a lot in common. That’s why you hit it off so well in the first place!

Manage the Pet Problems

If you have a pet, be aware that your precious houseguest might have allergies! It’s never a bad idea to ask them ahead of time. If you forgot to ask, keep your pet in another room or somewhere away from where they’ll enter your home. Let your pet out only with their permission.

Be sure to vacuum your furniture as well, if it’s susceptible to pet hair tumbleweeds.

By the time you’re finished with all of these steps, your home should be looking fabulous and date-ready.

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