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How Receptivity Helps Attract the Love You Deserve

To stand in your feminine power of receptivity means holding space for men to be heroes and letting love in—without compromising your own superhero status.

Dating should support your most authentic self.

It should give you daily opportunities to grow your presence, awareness and gratitude—receptivity is at the root of that.

Every man has different things that he has to give. Has to—as in needs to—in order to feel whole, happy and appreciated.

Yet, we’re often taught that being receptive to the heroics, care and contributions of men means we’re silly, irrational or weak. We’re taught that letting a man provide for us means we can’t provide for ourselves—that passivity is wrong, inaction the same as powerlessness.

The opposite is true; it takes tremendous strength and grace to accept the gifts men offer, incredible poise and power to simply be receptive. That’s because it requires standing in the Sacred Feminine to see men’s contributions as the acts of heroes and to accept them as women who deserve nothing less.

Here’s how to be receptive to the divine masculine in the men around you:


Unsurprisingly, the first step is to be mindful of the men in your life. Mindfulness is a way of living—it’s awareness and presence, every moment.

You share those moments with incredible men. So see them, listen to them. Start noticing the men around you, wherever you go. Make awareness of their heroics, their honor, and their gifts an integral part of your mindfulness practice—all day, every day.

Walking down the street, in the grocery store, even in the office, ask yourself what the man next to you is trying to provide you, how he is embodying divine masculinity. It may be something as simple as offering you privacy, or it could be much more complex and profound. Challenge yourself to be present with these gifts. You will be surprised at how often men—loved ones and strangers—are attempting to provide for you. You may even discover that it’s constant.

To stand in your feminine power of receptivity means holding space for men to be heroes.

It means being mindful and aware of what gifts the men around you are trying to provide you. Most men are highly motivated to make your life easier and better because you are lovely and deserving of the highest care. Be mindful and focus on finding the gifts that the men in your life are dying to provide you. A man slaying a metaphorical dragon for you doesn’t mean you couldn’t slay it yourself—it means he knows that you are worthy of heroic deeds. It means you have inspired him to be a better man, to prove himself to you.

Men need recognition for their heroics. As Alison Armstrong says, only a Queen can initiate a man into knighthood. You can be that powerful incarnation of womanhood, that archetype of divine femininity, for the men around you, simply by being aware and mindful of the beautiful things they do.


Receptivity to men is a deepening of your gratitude practice. Gratitude is actually based on receptivity: on being aware of the great gifts available to you, and able to accept them. If it’s appropriate, say thank you.

Thank him for the specific things that you received—thanks for making my day, helping me with the door, giving me such a nice smile, whatever. Mean it. Some of these guys will think you’re hitting on them, even if you aren’t, because they crave this receptivity so much in their romantic lives. That’s ok! Be firm with your boundaries. Be receptive and show gratitude anyway.

Say “thank you” often—for the big things, for the little things—for anything that was meaningful to you.

When a man encounters a woman who is brave enough to stand in receptivity, he can stand in the power of giving. Know that you are providing for his needs in these moments by being receptive.

The heart path is one of surrender. Dating men is an incredible opportunity to surrender to gratitude, by surrendering to your power as feminine. When we realize how powerful we are, we’re able to be the cheeky, passionate, sometimes serious, always wonderful women we were born to be. We can be bold and fearless. Who could resist a woman like that?

Know Your Needs

So you’re noticing all the things guys are providing you and you’re saying “thank you” for the gifts that matter most. Through this gratitude, you inspire them with your femininity and receptivity, creating even more motivation to provide for you. You’re seeing heroes and dreamboats everywhere, and it can be overwhelming.

How do you know which of these potential suiters has what you desire?

To be receptive to a relationship, you have to be self-aware enough to know what your bottom line needs are in romance. 

Do you know which love language speaks to you? This is one amazing tool to help distinguish what your needs are Will the busy guy who loves to give you presents be present enough? Do you feel more loved when a guy does the dishes than when he hugs you all day? You’re already far more aware of what each man has to offer, so you can conscientiously choose the one who’s offering what you need most. Or, you may find that you don’t have to choose; your dream man may choose you.

All you have to do is receive him, all the wonderful things he is and all the gifts he has to give.

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