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10 Tips for Surviving the Holidays After a Divorce

Nothing kills holiday cheer like the fresh residue of a divorce. Kristen Hick walks us through moving on and making happiness a part of your new tradition.

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The Yoga of Dating (Part IV): Pranayama

Is dating as easy as breathing? Hardly. Dr. Kristen Hick discusses how in order to date well and create healthy relationships, one must master Pranayama.

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Lessons From the Mountain: What Hiking Teaches Us About Relationships

Whether you’re hiking into high elevations or pushing through some conflict in a relationship, Kristen Hick ascends with us to illuminate the similarities.

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The Yoga of Dating (Part III): Asana – Date Worthy Postures

Dr. Kristen Hick illustrates how both Asana and dating require “playing with your edge” by pushing your comfort boundaries without causing emotional injury.

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What Makes a Man: Finding the Way Out of Boyhood

It’s tough to pinpoint exactly what makes a man, but there are some simple guidelines to navigate the heart when it counts. Dr. Kristen Hick explains.

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Break Free: How to Banish FOMO for Good

Dr. Hick shines a light on a common problem: preoccupation with everything but the present. It’s time to shift focus and enjoy this moment to the max.

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Using Pratyahara to Transform Your Dating Life

When dreaming up ways to transform your dating, the yogic principle of Pratyahara might not make the top of the list… but we think it should.

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