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MeetMindful Submission Guide

Our Mission:

MeetMindful strives to connect people who crave more meaningful experiences and relationships in their lives. Everything we do is designed to empower people to make conscious and confident choices with everyday living and the relationships that weave through it.

Content Guidelines:

Audience: MeetMindful readers strive to be the best version of themselves through active, conscious, healthy, and sustainable lifestyles. They seek resources that are authentic, informative, and inspirational—content that fosters self-discovery through relationships and experiences.

Topics: We’re a relationships company designed to help people live fuller lives. We approach all topics—from dating to lifestyle to spiritual practices—with a mindful lens. Our content is focused primarily on four areas:

  • Wellness
  • Dating + Relationships
  • Intentional Living
  • Spirituality

Themes: Each month, MeetMindful publishes content that supports a central theme.

2019 Themes:

  • JanuaryReinvention
  • FebruaryPassion
  • MarchResilience
  • AprilNature
  • MayHappiness
  • JuneBalance
  • JulyExploration
  • AugustDelight
  • SeptemberRelease
  • OctoberDiscovery
  • NovemberAbundance
  • DecemberReflection

Tone: We are curating content that sinks deep into matters of a life well-lived—human connection, holistic health, spiritual practice, etc—and as such, the tone should be clear, informative, and credible.

A few examples of the kinda deep we’re after:

That said, we want you to keep it real. Your writing should naturally flow using a tone you would use with a friend.

Inclusivity: We strive to publish articles that ​feel inclusive for all of our readers, so we ask that the work you submit is gender neutral whenever possible.​ We see a much more positive response from our readers when we avoid promoting stereotypical male/female ​gender ​roles or heteronormative relationships​ exclusively. Everyone is welcome here 🙂

Original Content: At this time, MeetMindful publishes original content only.

Length: 700-1500 words

Editing: To maintain coherence across our library of content, we reserve the right to edit all submitted material. If significant changes are required, we will contact you to discuss edits, revisions, or a submission retraction.

External Links: The short answer: We don’t include them. 😉 The exception: If/when you’re linking to supporting materials (think peer-reviewed articles, studies, etc) that are necessary for the reader’s understanding of the content.

Pictures: Images may be submitted for consideration with your article, but the editorial staff reserves the right to make final decisions. If you are submitting images of any kind, please avoid pictures with copyright restrictions and include the source when sending them our way.

Ownership: MeetMindful retains ownership of all original, published content. If you are interested in re-publishing any content, please inquire at

Payment: We do not pay for general submissions, but use available platforms to promote our writers’ work whenever and however possible—this includes features in our monthly newsletter, content partnerships, as well as promotion on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter. We also look to our regular contributors when seeking specialized exposure like interviews, webinars, coaching opportunities, etc.


  • To emphasize words or concepts, use bold or italicized font—avoid all CAPS
  • Numbers one through nine should be spelled; 10 begins numeric digits
  • The title of a book, song, movie, etc. should be italicized
  • Do not double space between sentences

Pitching Your Idea:

Email with the subject line: PITCH SUBMISSION

In a brief email, introduce yourself, your content idea, and include any sample links that might help us get familiar with your writing style.

Hi MeetMindful,

I have an idea for an article I think would be a great fit for your March 2019 theme of resilience.

When I was growing up, my mother struggled with a heroin addition, leaving my father to care for me and my three sisters. Though watching her battle was extremely difficult and nearly tore our family apart a few times, the dedication my father showed in raising us taught me a great deal about doing what you can with what circumstances you’re given. I’d love to write a piece on how my father’s resiliency carried me through that difficult period and how it’s fostered a deep compassion and strength in me today.

I’ve shared my work with a few publications previously—I’ll leave links for you below.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you, Gwynneth

Submitting Your Work:

After your topic has been approved, submit a completed draft in word or pages format to

Please include the following with your draft:

  1. A brief, single-paragraph bio with any requested links
  2. A clear, high-resolution headshot

Becoming a Regular Contributor:

Regular contributors work directly with MeetMindful’s managing editor via email to workshop article ideas and to establish deadlines. If you are interested in joining our family of regular contributors, please reach out to

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