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The Everything-You-Need-to-Know Feng Shui Guide

Whether you’re looking for love or seeking a more centered life, you may want to begin with the home. Here are juicy bits from our favorite Feng Shui posts.

There are times in our lives when we have specific, this-is-totally-the-problem issues on our hands. There are other, far-less-tangible feelings of “meh” that creep in too. No matter what the source, there’s an excellent chance that moving inward—to both our hearts and our homes—is the best place to begin.

We’ve compiled some excerpts from some of our favorite Feng Shui tips from some of our most-delightful experts.


For a Healthy Home Flow

Organize your entry way.

According to Feng Shui, if you walk into a messy entryway, it promotes stress and brings bad energy into the houseevery time you open the door. Therefore, if there’s only one place you can Feng Shui make sure to clean out your home’s entrance.

Fix your lighting.

Lighting is very important in a home regardless of whether or not you follow Feng Shui. Seeing as how Feng Shui is all about energy, and light is the highest manifestation of energy, proper lighting is top priority in this ancient science.

One thing you can do is replace your fluorescent light bulbs with softer ones. You can also focus on bringing more colors into your home. After all, color is light. Lastly, you can add more natural lighting to the home.

Aside from creating a positive flow of energy, proper lighting and colors also help us lift our moods. These two additions to a room are good for our health, making it a win win situation.

—For these tips (plus two more) take a peek at “Get a Healthy Home Flow with 4 Feng Shui Fixes

For a Harmonious Relationship with Self

Live in Harmony                                                                             

If you have the relationship that you want with yourself you will easily be able to live with the new love that you draw to you.

Yes, take a couple of minutes to chew on that before you swallow, it’s a big piece.

The center of the house radiates harmony to all other places in the home and therefore, all of your life situations. This year, according to Flying Star Feng Shui, the center of the home is afflicted with the Quarrelsome Star #3. Having this star in the center, the area of the home that supports harmony in the entire house, isn’t the end of the world, it justneeds to be subdued with a few different fix possibilities. The first is placing a picture or small statue of a blue rhino or elephant (easily found online) in the center of the room. I like to tape a picture under my coffee table. The next is Ksitigarbha’s Staff, a small, four inch brass statue meant to disperse disruptive energy, or a fire red ball, again, meant to disperse and dispel discordant energy as it is brought into the house.

—For more of Tracee Dunblazier’s Feng Shui wisdom, read the rest of the article here

For a Bedroom Boost

Buzz kill.

Bad items to have in your bedroom?

Photos of your family, lights that don’t work or have burnt out bulbs, dying plants, self-help books and clutter are all no-nos.

Family photos can be kept in any other room of your home, but let this room be a couples sanctuary.

Books and supplies in the drawers of these night stands should be bedroom related, not business or self help books. Consider books on love, sex, relationships or enjoyable fiction.

Romance going down the toilet?

If your master bedroom has an attached bathroom, keeping the toilet closed and bathroom spotless becomes über important. Symbolic photos of love or couple shots would be important to display in this space. Have matching towels and paint the room a warm inviting color to enhance the chi.

—The rest of Tamara Star’s suggestions can be found in one of our favorites: “8 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom on to Love with Feng Shui

For Rolling Out the Welcome Mat for Love:

Size Matters

The size of your mattress is important! If you are single with a single mattress, you will stay single, while a King size mattress doesn’t encourage romance either. Queen size is perfect for love. It is best not to sleep on a mattress from a previous relationship; if you must, give it a clearing with some sage. Remove clutter from under the bed so energy can flow freely.

Remember the Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the gem for love, compassion, healing and romance. Place two pieces on your nightstand; carry the gem in your purse or car. As jewelry, allow your gem to rest on your heart.

The southwest corner of your home is the area for love. Place two pieces of rose quartz or two peonies—the flowers for love and romance—in that area of your home

–Want eight more Feng Shui fixes? Read the rest of the article here

For Those of Us Who Only Have Time to Start with ONE Principle:

What I found most useful in [Feng Shui: How to Look Before You Love by Nancilee Wydra] was the concept of cleaning out and organizing my life to make more space for a romantic partner to show up. I understood the concept, but I wasn’t a believer yet. In fact, I was quite skeptical.

However, I was curious to see what could happen, so I started throwing things out left and right. I would ask myself, “Do I love this item?” If the answer was anything other than “yes” I gave it to a friend, a local thrift store or tossed it in the garbage. All remnants from ex-boyfriends—gone! I was amazed at how much unnecessary stuff I had collected over the years. Crazy.

Was this stuff clogging up my love life? Perhaps.

As I started clearing out, throwing out, organizing and de-cluttering, I was shocked at the benefits I received. My mind became clearer, my heart opened wider and life seemed simpler, lighter and easier. I even felt more productive and efficient in my life.

You may think cleaning out and reorganizing is a big job, and it may be; but I promise the benefits and rewards are worth it.

-Suzanne Muller-Heinz sinks her heels even deeper into this concept in her article “Unclog Your Love Life with this Feng Shui Principle

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