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The Friend Zone: Why You’re Really There

We’re all-too familiar with the dreaded territory. We keep hope in our hearts and love on our minds, but again and again we land there: the friend zone.



You’re the best guy she knows.

You do everything for her that a good man does… but you’re not her boyfriend.

You’re there when she needs someone to confide in, someone to comfort her, someone to lend a shoulder to cry on. Yet, she doesn’t give you the time of day romantically. She chooses one guy after another, but never you; and you hope that each relationship fails so you can have your shot.

You are in the friend zone, that dreadful place that scares the hell out of any guy who’s ever fancied himself a “nice guy.”

After giving everything you possibly could and getting nowhere, you figure there must be something wrong with her. You think, “How can she not see that I’m the right guy for her?”; and you resent her for making you feel inadequate.

The reality, though, is that giving to someone and expecting something in return makes you neither a good man nor a good friend.

Maybe it’s time to think about who is really at fault for your “friend” status.

Learn about identifying your unhealthy behavior and becoming a more aware and authentic man here.

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