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How to Show a Great Woman That You’re a Catch

You’re a catch. We know it, she knows it… or does she? There are subtle yet powerful ways to show a high-quality woman that you’re a match. It’s time.

When you think about the qualities that make a great woman take notice and consider a man to be a potential “catch” —also known as “relationship material”—what characteristics come to mind?

By now, most guys (at least those who’ve been learning from me) know it’s absolutely not about looks, income, playing games, or being a “bad boy. If these were a woman’s measure of “relationship material,” most of us would never get a great relationship off the ground.

Yet, every day, all around us, we see guys as regular and average as us enjoying deep, authentic, passionate relationships with amazing women… 

So how did they do it?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, it can seem like the mystery of the century. But here’s the good news:

For the vast majority of men, there are subtle yet powerful ways to show a high-quality woman that you’re her perfect “catch”… the kind of man she’ll do everything in her power to get to know and share her life with. It simply takes a few powerful steps toward genuinely becoming that kind of man.

And here’s even better news… 

You can learn how to do it. Just like achieving any goal, it’s a journey that requires commitment and focus, honesty in how you look at yourself, and (like learning any skill) some hard work and practice.

And, like every other life-changing journey, it all begins with a single step:

Take Care of Yourself First

Think about your last airline flight…

Probably not fun. It was crowded and noisy and uncomfortable… but did you stop and really listen to the instructions the flight attendant gave before take off? If you did, you heard that in case of emergency, you must attend to yourself first. You must reconnect to your own, life-giving flow of oxygen before you can remain aware enough and strong enough to help anyone else.

When it comes to taking off in a deeply fulfilling relationship, the same rules apply.

Until you can reconnect with what you need to become the happiest, strongest, most self-realized version of yourself, it’s impossible to attract the attention of a great woman who shares your dreams and passions.

In other words, if you’re still having trouble connecting with a high-quality woman in the deep, meaningful ways that you crave (let alone building a relationship with her) then you’re doing something wrong to handle this “emergency.”

Problem is, most guys will continue to be distracted by everything else that’s going on around us (stuff that we can also conveniently blame for our failures) without addressing the real issues. We choose to think that great women just don’t “get” us… or that they’re stuck up… or they’re only interested in that superficial stuff like looks and money. 

Soon, these beliefs and attitudes begin to seep into our behaviors. We act bitter. Shy or insecure. Unbearably obnoxious. All of this suffocates any chance we have to connect with an amazing woman.

So here’s what to do instead…

Focus on accepting of the realities of who you are right now, warts and all. Become laser-focused on being honest with yourself about where your weaknesses lie. And then…

Start Learning & Growing

Easier said than done, right? After all, now more than ever, life moves fast. There are only so many minutes in the day to pause and “work on ourselves.”

That means conscientiously setting aside time to do it. It means taking action to take control… rededicating ourselves to not just “stopping to smell the roses,” but mindfully nurturing them so that they flourish.

Once we take care of what we’re not doing to invite love into our lives, it sets off a wonderful chain reaction… We start taking responsibility for ourselves in each and every moment. Then we don’t feel like such a helpless victim anymore. So we no longer feel out-of-control or desperate.

Even more powerfully… now we can start showing that great woman how we’re evolving as a man.

This is an irresistible beacon. Suddenly, you’re that rarest of guys who can confront hard truths, then grow and improve. 

Whether it’s focusing on eliminating bad habits and fears from your life… taking a pledge to pursue your greatest passions… or simply dedicating yourself to shaking things up by trying new things and breaking the dull routine of her life, great women will be quick to notice.

So make yourself available to every opportunity to do it!

Even better: invite “the one” to join you in learning something new together. There’s no more powerful bonding experience.

Do just this much, and you begin to communicate the most powerfully attractive relationship-ready quality of all. You will…

Come Across as a Mature “Real” Man

A high-quality woman doesn’t want a relationship with an immature guy. Period.

But maturity is a “big word.” What does it really mean?

To a great woman, maturity is the ability to hold your ground, focus, and face challenges. It’s the ability to be aware and empathize with others and see differing points of view. It’s the ability to plan, absorb, and adapt. 

But, most of all, it’s leaving behind the immature man’s short attention span and endless quest for instant gratification… pursuits that only lead to neediness and insecurity. Also known as the warning signs that set off the emergency alarms in a woman, big time.

Do the work to identify your weaknesses, then grow and mature beyond them, and you’ll be astonished by the results you’ll start seeing in love.

You’ll suddenly have an instinctive, in-flight GPS—a natural guide for how to feel and behave in every situation that shows a woman that you’re everything she’s been looking for… a mature, real man and the “catch” of a lifetime.

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About the Author:

David DeAngelo

Eben Pagan, under the long-time moniker David DeAngelo, has been teaching men how to have greater success with women and dating effectively for over 15 years. Eben is widely regarded as one of the most influential and respected authorities on the mindsets needed to smoothly navigate the sometimes murky waters of love and intimacy. His model of success involves unearthing a man's inner confidence, training on body language and eliminating negative core beliefs, using humor, and creating habits and rituals that engender success in every facet of life. Join him at Double Your Dating or on Facebook.


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