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6 Tips for Dating While on a Cleanse

It’s finally springtime. Love is in the air, the weather is getting warmer…and you’re ready to go on some hot dates!

But it’s also a great time to do some physical spring cleaning, so you decided to go on a cleanse. Total buzzkill for date night, right? It doesn’t have to be.

Even if you’re in physical detox mode, you can still make plenty of room for romance. Believe me, you don’t have to let your dietary choices stop you from living your life! Being on a cleanse (or any other type of specific eating regimen) will only hinder your love life if you let it. Some of my most fun dates have happened when I’m on some type of cleanse, you just gotta know how to rock it.

Once you get past the idea that “meeting for drinks or dinner” is the only way to date, your world will open up to endless possibilities for deep chemistry and connection.

Here’s how to successfully date (and have an awesome time) while you’re cleansing:


1. Say yes to dates.

Unless you physically don’t feel well while you’re cleansing, don’t avoid going a date with someone you’re into just because you think it’s inconvenient that you can’t eat certain foods or drink alcohol. Be honest with the person, tell them you’re on a cleanse so you can’t do dinner or drinks, but that you’d love to spend some time with them. If they’re worth dating, they’ll be psyched to hang out with you either way.

2. You pick the activity, and make it cleanse-friendly.

There are plenty of things to do on dates besides eat at restaurants and drink at bars, so you don’t have to feel like being on a cleanse limits your options. I’ve had some amazing times with guys going to yoga classes, juice bars, taking long walks and hikes, walking around the farmer’s market, going to concerts, or just sitting outside somewhere and chatting. Those are the best dates, in my opinion, and all of them are doable no matter what you’re eating or drinking.

3. Focus on the conversation.

If you feel awkward and weird without being in your normal dinner and drinks scenario, turn your attention to asking questions and really learning about the other person. Dating is about getting to know each other, so focus on the connection you’re building. In fact, being on a cleanse might make you feel even more perceptive and insightful than usual, which could enhance your chemistry. I always feel a little more flirty when I’m on a cleanse. Maybe your date will even be inspired to drink a green juice with you. You never know!

4. Let go of the idea that you need alcohol to relax and connect.

There are plenty of people out there in the world who aren’t on cleanses but just choose not to drink alcohol for a variety of reasons. None of these reasons should hinder your ability to have a powerfully awesome dating life and connect with people. If the person you’re dating can’t hang without drinking or thinks it sucks that you’re not drinking, well, maybe that’s something to look at more closely. If alcohol is a regular crutch for you in social situations, it can be a fun and interesting experiment to learn to connect and relax without it. Get out of your comfort zone!

5. Enjoy the power of sober physical connection.

Have you ever had a first kiss totally sober? If not, you must try it, because it’s a beautiful thing. It’s so much different than a drunken first kiss. You can feel every little touch, every spark, every beat of your heart, every breath, every butterfly in your stomach… and you’ll remember every tiny detail of it the next day. Sure, maybe you’ll be more nervous than you would if you had a drink or two, but that makes it even more exciting and real. Being completely present for that kind of physical connection is truly one of the most magical things ever.

6. Breathe.

We’re all humans here just trying to love and be loved. Everyone is worried about how they look in front of everybody else. Think about how cool it is that out of all the people in the world, you’re connecting with this specific person. Who cares that you’re on a cleanse? You only have this moment once, so just relax and enjoy yourself!

Have you ever gone on a date while you were on a cleanse? Did it hinder your ability to ignite that spark? Or was it awesome?

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