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8 Ways to Turn Your Bedroom on to Love with Feng Shui

Whether you’re in a well-established relationship or navigating the single life, it’s always a great time to turn a fresh eye to your bedroom’s Feng Shui.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the 5,000-year-old Asian art of placement. Since everything is ultimately energy, it makes sense that where you put your things, how you think about them, and what you do with them, matters.

When we enhance the positive inside our homes and limit the negative, this energy can flow unrestrained in harmonious ways. Health, money, and love suddenly flow easier and our homes feel like the refuge from the world they were meant to be.

Because so much of your life is spent inside your home sleeping, enhancing your bedroom for love is extra important.

Here are eight ways to turn your bedroom on to love:

1. Think in terms of two.

Have pairs in your bedroom versus solo items or groups of three. Think: two matching nightstands, two bed-side lights, and two candles, rather than three. Three isn’t going to represent the committed partnership you’re hoping for.

Often as I Feng Shui the homes of single people or struggling marriages, I see artwork depicting one person alone. Sad, remorseful art may be valuable to collect, but represents sadness—not exactly the experience you’re probably wanting. Instead, have artwork that represents love and romance.

2. Are you ready for bed?

Where is your bed? If your feet face directly out the door, you’ll have trouble keeping love around. Best to have the door of your bedroom off to one side where you can’t see it face on.

Think size doesn’t matter? Queen-size beds are perfect for love, while single beds represent just that, more singledom.

Has your mattress seen a lot of past action? Replacing your mattress at the start of a new relationship wipes the slate for new energy.

Let the energy flow around the bed. Pushing your bed against a wall creates unequal power between two partners. Let it flow between the two of you and, if you can, have some space on each side of the bed.

Check under the bed, too. Clutter under the bed inhibits the flow of energy and creates stagnation. Stagnant flow = bad sex in Feng Shui.

3. Take some space.

When you find yourself single, keep one of your nightstand drawers empty so there’s room for love to enter into your life. Same with your closet and dresser. Have one dresser drawer empty and make room for love by leaving some hangers empty in your closet.

This creates energetic space for love—making space is an important symbolic gesture to the Universe that you trust love is coming your way.

4. Buzz kill.

Bad items to have in your bedroom?

Photos of your family, lights that don’t work or have burnt out bulbs, dying plants, self-help books, and clutter are all no-nos.

Family photos can be kept in any other room of your home, but let this room be a couple’s sanctuary.

Books and supplies in the drawers of these night stands should be bedroom related, not business or self help books. Consider books on love, sex, relationships, or enjoyable fiction.

5. Romance going down the toilet?

If your master bedroom has an attached bathroom, keeping the toilet closed and bathroom spotless becomes über important. Symbolic photos of love or couple shots would be important to display in this space. Have matching towels and paint the room a warm inviting color to enhance the chi.

Speaking of color…

6. Color me happy.

Painting your bedroom a cool color can dull passion. Blues facilitate over-communication which is not exactly ideal for romance, while greens foster growth. While growth in a relationship is healthy, too many growth periods become exhausting, so limit the amount of green in this area.

Also keep in mind that touches of red, purple, pink, and maroon add fire and passion to a relationship. Be careful though, too much fire can cause fighting. It’s best to choose warm, inviting colors you both like and enhance the room with touches of red with pillows, throws, sheets, or artwork.

7. Have you lost the spark between you?

My top Feng Shui tip for a happy relationship? Remove the television. Bedrooms are best for sleeping and sex—period. Televisions droning on and on night after night cools passion. If you must have a television in your bedroom, shut it out of sight in a cabinet or throw a beautiful scarf over the face of it. Don’t let the T.V. become the focal point of your bedroom. The bed should be your focal point.

Another way to keep the spark fresh is through flowers. Fresh flowers do wonders for enhancing relationship energy. Buy a bunch of roses and put two stems in a vase throughout your home. Every time you see those roses standing side by side, remind yourself that there is someone for you out there hoping to find you as much as you’re hoping to find them.

8. Keep the peace.

Disagreements are going to happen in any relationship. When they do, remember to take them out of the bedroom. Keep this space as your sanctuary, your safe spot. If things start to become heated in the not-so-happy way, step outside this room and have it out in another area of the house.

Don’t disregard the bedroom’s effect on your love life. Whether single or in love, enhancing this room affects all aspects of your relationship—and when we feel loved, in balance, and safe in our relationships, all other areas of our life seem to flow.

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