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A Magnet for Love: Women’s Most Captivating Qualities

Physical beauty is only skin deep. What attracts men the most are those inner qualities that can make a woman so intriguing, so desirable as a companion.

There are certain characteristics, which have nothing to do with what a woman looks like, that are classic turn-ons for men. These traits are alluring to men of all ages, and they trump the quality of having conventional beauty in the eyes of most.

Granted, a lady’s appearance upon entering a room is usually the first thing that piques interest; but as soon as the “grand entrance” is behind her, there are other timeless qualities that garner and hold the attention of eligible bachelors in any social situation. These magnetic characteristics are genuinely what attracts men.


We’re not talking arrogance here. Let’s make that clear immediately. There’s nothing less attractive than a woman who thinks she’s too good for everyone else in the room, men and women alike.

By contrast, though, there are few things that are more alluring than a woman who is self-assured, one who can enter a room with a mixture of pride and grace that communicates both strength and elegance.

It’s not that the shy girl in the corner is not sometimes the most worthwhile woman in the scene. She often is, and it can be rewarding to talk to her and bring her out of her shell; but confidence makes it easy on men (we’re not always so quick on the draw). If a woman exudes her self-worth, men don’t have to wonder.


When a woman admires the finest qualities in other women, it is respectful, even thoughtful. However, when she wants to be those other women, it’s a turn-off.

To meet a lady who is original in her personality and perspectives is not only refreshing, but incredibly attractive. A woman with her own sense of self, sense of beauty, sense of style, ideas, ambitions and opinions can drive a man wild with curiosity and intrigue.

Keep being you ladies; it’s sexier than you know.


This is a big one. A healthy sense of humor is a quality that speaks volumes about a woman. The ability to laugh together is important in any relationship.

A man wants a lady who appreciates his jokes, providing they are actually funny and not just crude for the sake of shock-value. (Although, a woman who can identify with the occasional low-brow-crack is especially sought by some.) In turn, a woman who delivers timely, witty humor is magnetic to men who value both intellect and an affinity for having fun.

A woman who expresses her comedic sensibility with wit shows both her intelligence and her penchant for laughter; and laughter, let’s note, is both a bonding tool in smooth times and a healing tool in rough times of any relationship.

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