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Are You a Dog Person? On Being a Good Dog Owner & Dating

Sit. Stay. Read. Learn all about how being a good dog person can speak volumes for your character and how a cool new product can help you along the way.

Having a dog while dating has its ups and downs. Sure, it may render it impossible to take spontaneous romantic weekend getaways and make sleepovers away from home troublesome. But let’s talk about how dogs can bring so much into your dating life!

For one, most dog owners have an innate desire to give and receive love, after all that is the greatest draw to having a dog. But not only that, dogs inspire very healthy and adventurous lifestyles filled with long hikes, picnics in the park and days at the beach.

But do you know what dating with dogs really brings to a relationship? It gives you a preview of the kind of attitude that person has to being responsible for others. We’re not just talking about their future parenting aptitude here (although, it is absolutely relevant).

We are talking about how this person will treat you.

Getting a puppy is like meeting someone new, you can’t get enough. But the question is how does that person fair in the long-term when things are no longer new?

Owning a dog is a commitment and can speak millions about a person’s ability to commit and their long term motivation to keep both parties engaged and happy. For example, if your significant other spends their Saturday afternoons on a dog-centric activity versus say, watching basketball while the dog sits alone outside on the back porch, it is likely that a few years into the relationship they will treat you the same. They understand that they are responsible for creating the joy in relationships and that they have to put the effort in to experience the blissful rewards.

A good dog owner also wants to know what is going on with their dog, just like a good partner wants to know what the other is feeling about something. Responsible and engaging dog owners would do whatever it takes to better understand their dog. WÜF, The World’s Smartest Dog Collar, is helping these responsible owners better connect with their dogs, and help them never lose touch.

WÜF makes sure that they always know where their dog is and that it is safe with its GPS and invisible fence (Note: this is certainly not to suggest that you should have a GPS for your partner); two-way communication so that owners can speak to and listen to their dogs while away; behavior tracking so that troublesome behaviors and emotional queues can be detected; and an activity monitor so that owners can be sure their dog is getting the attention, mental stimulation and physical exercise it needs to be happy and healthy.

WÜF believes that every responsible dog owner will have a smart collar in the next few years, and we’d have to say that dog owners with them will forever standout as excellent, mindful partners.

This awesome tech company is based in Colorado and has just launched their KickStarter campaign; we couldn’t be prouder to lend our support and help them achieve their mission.

Please check them out here:; and if you have any questions, please email them directly here.

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